Reporters, Writers, Photographers, Artists, Webmasters Sought

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, August 20 (GNS)– The Summit is going on line, and we’re looking for reporters, editors, photographers, graphic artists and webmasters who can help us provide for the Grossmont College community up-to-the-minute news and feature coverage of the campus and environs.

If you have an interest in a career in media communications—or if you would like to try on the role of reporter, photographer, or graphic artist for size—there are still openings in Media Communications 132A, taught by professional journalist Donald Harrison.  To earn three units class credit, and to learn journalism through a combination of classroom lectures and practical, on-the-job experience, please contact Harrison via his email.

MComm 132A meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-1 p.m. and on Fridays from 9 to 12 p.m.   One hour a week will be spent on lecture and theory; the rest will be devoted to putting out the Online Summit as well as a printed version of The Summit on a biweekly basis