What Happened to The Starbucks Infusions?

Wonderinging why your favorite fruity infusions at Starbucks are in such short supply? Here’s the inside scoop on the temporary Starbucks shortage.

What Happened to The Starbucks Infusions?

Donovan Holland, Writer

If you are a college student, have kids, or are simply an adult who enjoys going to Starbucks, you may have noticed that certain items, such as the Starbucks Infusions, are few to none at most Starbucks locations. 

Why is this happening?

According to Teamsters’ website, known as “America’s strongest union,” over 300 drivers represented by the Teamsters union voted to reject a Starbucks supplier contract, Thursday, Aug. 22.

Over 300 drivers in the Midwest across cities such as Chicago and St. Louis were part of this vote, due to the contract dispute.

What does this mean? Putting it simply, it means that over 900 Starbucks in the American Midwest are experiencing shortages of Starbucks infusions. It’s not just the Infusions either. Locations closest to the driver strike, such as the states of Illinois and Indiana, are in dire need of cups, food, or even the staple of almost every Starbucks beverage, milk.

“I’m a hardcore coffee addict,” stated Alexis Inglis a Grossmont College student and Starbucks frequenter. “When I need to pump the breaks on my coffee intake and get a change of pace, the infusions are perfect. It really bums me out that I might not get another one for a bit.”

“The stores in (The Midwestern) service areas aren’t getting milk, food, cups, or high service SKUs,” according to Starbucks Supervisor and Reddit user, “Blacklefthand.” 

“There is an emergency auto-ship in place, but arrival times are hit and miss, and of course it’s not enough.”

However, as you may have noticed, it’s not just the Midwestern Starbucks locations that are experiencing shortages. Starbucks stores across America are going through a massive reduction in their Starbucks Infusions inventory, particularly the beloved peach flavor. Starbucks employees are dealing with the shortage the best they can.

Starbucks is also working to make the Nitro Lids more secure so they stop spilling inside of your car.