Welcome to the Career Center

The Career Center offers more than you may expect .

Desmond Rhea, Staff Writer

If this is your first semester at Grossmont or you’re undecided with your career, it may be crucial to make an appointment at the Career Center. If you have never been to the facility, you may

be surprised by the number of resources it has to offer for both career and employment readiness.

Career Services Supervisor Renee Nasori, along with the rest of the staff at the Career Center, are there to help the many students who struggle with school.

“We see from time to time again, and statistics show, students complete with us after five or seven years of a two-year institution,” Nasori said.

As a former Grossmont student, Nasori said she struggled for years to figure out what she wanted out of school and relates to students who are in the same position. It’s not difficult to set up an appointment. Nasori encourages students to come have a conversation with her or any of the other career counselors to find out what they specifically need. 

Students may be given an assessment to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Many of these assessments, which only take up to 10 minutes to complete, can be taken home and brought back to a counselor to discuss.

It’s also one way to get students excited about careers.

We see from time to time again, and statistics show, students complete with us after five or seven years of a two-year institution.”

— Career Services Supervisor Renee Nasori

Also, Grossmont can help you find work including administrative or part-time work, which is especially helpful to fulltime students. Human resource representatives from companies come to Grossmont looking for prospective employees and the school reciprocates by providing them with candidates. 

There’s also Griffin Works-paid internships Nasori said students can use to get hands-on experience toward the field in which they are interested.

If you’re looking for work, students are advised to attend the “21st Century Skills” workshops at Grossmont. Nasori said she often hears from employers who say students looking for work are lacking soft skills, such as communication skills, dependability and reliability. 

Many students are looking for work, but if two students come to Nasori looking for employment, she’s going to choose the student who has been attending the workshops.

The Friday workshops, which take an hour to complete, cover topics ranging from time management, communication, resume-building and more. “

“If you can tackle any 12 different workshops…we’ll give you a certificate to show your employer or prospective employer… that you took the time and initiative to engage voluntarily to earn the certificates,” Nasori said.

Taking these workshops is one way to help polish your resume and give you an edge over the competition.

Photo by Desmond Rhea
Grossmont College Career Center.

For students who have been going to Grossmont off and on for years, this could have been a saving grace to figuring out what they wanted from school earlier. Nasori said students are

often unclear about the services or “think there’s some sort of expectation” when using them, but that is not the case.

Maybe it’s time for you to go to the Career Center and talk with a counselor. You may save yourself time, money and stress by doing so.