Campus celebrates Mexican independence bicentennial

A guitar sits by the construction fence, ready for the next mariachi set (Photos: Robert Sanchez)

Story by Lan Nguyen, Photos by Robert Sanchez, Video by Felipe Oliveira

Lan Nguyen

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Main Quad was transformed on Thursday, Sept 16, into a plaza de educacion as students enjoyed the sights, sounds and flavors of Mexico.

The day marked the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence.   History Prof. Carlos Alberto Contreras said the intent of the on-campus celebration was to acquaint students with Mexico’s many unique cultural contributions.   For example, he said mariachi music was originated in the Mexican state of Jalisco, which, he added, also was the birthplace of tequila.

On the quad Mexican baked goods were distributed for free, and carne asada was the special food sale item at the Sodexho Cafeteria.

Juan Carlos Navarrete, a student, said “it’s pretty awesome today. We’re celebrating 200 years of independence.  This is for all Mexicans around the world. Its for all of us to get together and have fun and have a good weekend, you know?”

Spanish professior Yolanda Guerrero concurred:  “We’re here celebrating the bicentennial of Mexican Independence Day. This event was put on by the Worlds Art and Culture committee. We have mariachis, we have free Mexican bread called Dorejas. We are having a very successful event as you can see. There have been thousands of people that have came by.”

Contreras pointed out that the World’s Arts and Culture Committee celebrates cultures the many cultures that are  represented here at Grossmont. “We have from Latino students, Mexican American students, Japanese students, Asian students, students from all over the world,” he said.  

” This is a wonderful opportunity for students to visit the world without having to leave San Diego or leave Grossmont and it is a great representation of the diversity on the Grossmont campus.”

The flavor of the day’s proceedings was captured on video by Felipe Oliveira, and on digital camera by Robert Sanchez, both students in Mass Communications 132.

Mariachi Ahutlense's Ramon Arviso and Miguel Rosales
Love those Mexican pastries

Nguyen is a student in Media Communications 132, the class that publishes the GC Summit.