Professor invites all to his spooky Halloween celebration

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—Media Communications Prof. Jim Papageorge, who earlier this month produced the rumbles of the on-campus earthquake drill, will be turning his house into a special-effects mansion on Halloween night, Monday, Oct. 31, with the help of students in his audio class and in theatre arts.

The public is invited to the 47th year of free Papageorge fun at his home at 5221 Joan Court in the neighborhood near San Diego State University.  The spooky doings, beginning at 7 p.m., will include a 180-pound pumpkin that, he says, “has been brought to  life using state of the art special effects.”

Other attractions will include “a classic grave yard, Capt Jack’s treasure island, the time machine tunnel and much much more,” Papageorge said.

“This is an event for kids (over 5 years old) and families,” he said. “No blood and guts, No gore, no horror, but lotsof very very cool props and special effects.Come see what our students can do with their skills!!”

For more details see  and /or the Facebook page for Thegreatpumpkinandbob.

Preceding based on materials provided by Prof. Papageorge

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