Steinmetz named Grossmont’s employee of the quarter

Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Instructional Media Services Coordinator, Dave Steinmetz, has been recognized by Chancellor Cindy L. Miles as the employee of the quarter.

Steinmetz is a true  Griffin, having worked on the campus since 1992, except for a one-year break at San Diego State University.  Steinmentz who repairs computer and audio-visual equipment and helps anticipate and install new units, compares his job to doing what he has loved since he was a kid: “fixing the family TV.”

Though the tasks that are asked of him have become more complex and difficult than that of working on a TV, every so often Steinmentz is asked to come inside a classroom to “hit the red button”, that is, to turn on the power for clueless instructors.

When being asked what the award meant to him, he responded: “I guess somebody has finally taken notice,” but added  “It’s No big deal.”

Steinmetz said he was surprised when a conga line led by Chancellor Miles stopped at his office April 10 to present him with the award.

In all the time at Grossmont, Steinmetz said he has never been hurt; however, he has sometimes forgotten he was standing on a ladder, and has almost fallen more than once.  “You’re up there for twenty minutes and all the sudden you forget how high off the ground you are.”

He recalled a most memorable moment when he and a few other guys were eating Pizza and had to use crazy bread to lure away a skunk that somehow had walked into the room

Steinmetz is known  to constantly say “it’s a piece of cake,” when asked if he can fix a computer problem. Ironically, he can’t eat cake, as he is diabetic. “It has to be sugar free.”

Burke is news editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at [email protected]