‘Safe’ proves to be less than compelling

Sean Asuncion

SAN DIEGO — Safe, a movie starring Jason Statham, was good yet disappointing.  It is about a 12-year old Asian girl named Mei, who can memorize anything and remember it forever.  Taken from her home she soon finds herself within the ranks of Chinese gangsters. Being a child prodigy she becomes a human calculator for their business.

Jason Statham plays  Luke Wright who  runs afoul of the Russian mafia when he wins an MMA match that he was supposed to lose. The Russian mob hunts him down, kills his wife and makes life for him a living hell.

Whenever Luke draws close to anyone, that person is targeted by the Russian mob and soon is lying dead in a pool of blood.  The Russians want to take Mei away from the Chinese mob because she has memorized a long number that would make anybody incredibly rich.

Luke is so miserable he is about to commit suicide when out of the blue Mei comes and gives him a new view for the future. Luke is motivated  to rescue Mei .

Safe provided the actions scenes fans expect from Jason Statham, including power house striking techniques and powerful takedowns.  I felt breathless just watching the victim being pulverized.   However, there were not enough action scenes to suit my taste.  They should have added a few more.

In addition, they should have depicted memories of his  relationship with his wife instead of just making the audience find out she was dead.

Overall, Safe was a decent movie worthy of a rental fee, but not the expense of going to the theatre.

Asuncion is arts editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at sean.asuncion @gcsummit.com