OPINION: Why Valentine’s Day Has Gone Too Far

Johnny Weber

Before you dismiss me as just another loser who doesn’t have a girlfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, let me just say this I actually like the idea of Valentine’s Day. Showing loved ones that you care deeply about them can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world.

The problem I have with Valentine’s Day is the over commercialism associated with it and the way in which we try to impress our loved ones; A way that has gone too far.

Every year around Valentine’s Day, it seems as if commercials for candy, jewelry, lingerie  flowers, perfume, cards, fruit baskets, chocolates and other items are jammed down viewers throats in an attempt to boost profits for companies.

These commercials portray the idea that if their product is bought then it will bring happiness to those who receive the gift. These commercials also suggest that if we fail to buy their products then the recipient of our affections will shun us.

The advertisement of such products is not the only problem. Prices of flowers, which are better bought as fresh as possible, seem to skyrocket around Valentine’s Day. Left with no choice but to buy these overpriced flowers, people everywhere are being ripped off. (A tip from me to you; buy your significant other flowers randomly throughout the year. They will love it)

Call me old-fashioned, but I would prefer to receive a homemade gift, poem, or just something personal than a box of fattening chocolates. Those gifts seem more personal and thoughtful than something that could be bought. Nothing can compare to the love and energy put into making a homemade gift.

The point of Valentine’s Day is spending time, and not money, with your loved ones. People who truly appreciate you won’t care if you got them the most expensive item or if you made them a card out of computer paper.

Most of the memories I have of past Valentine’s Days are not what that special someone got me but the conversations and time spent together. The constant in-your-face advertising of Valentine’s Day gifts has gotten out of hand.