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Hundred Caliber Rocks San Diego

Johnny Weber

October 12, 2012

Hundred Caliber is an energetic local up and coming rock band that originates from Lakeside, CA. Three of its members, Bradley “Havoc” Craighead Derek “Wrek” Altringer, and Nick “Nikki Styles” Bedrosian, attend Grossmont College. “The name Hundred Caliber came from one of our old drummers,...

Brown Widows Spin Thier Web On Campus

Amy Golden

October 11, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE--Approximately ten years ago an infestation of a new breed of arachnid invaded the SoCal area. It became widely known as the brown widow spider, grey widow or the geometric button spider. The brown widow has been described as a hybrid between the black widow, its cousin, and the brown ...

Impressions of a first-time juror

Dylan Burke

May 9, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – It was a Monday and like many I too thought there was no chance I’d be picked to serve on a jury of 12. I was wrong. On April 30th I woke up at 6 in the morning; I was to report to the Hall of Justice building (San Diego County Superior Court) at the jury lounge no later...

The night my mother told me she loved me

Jenn Sanders

May 8, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE-- Almost 20 years ago my mother was taken from this world. I now know that she is in a better and happier place preparing for her next life. I can only hope that we will be in each other’s lives in my next life. Every mother’s day brings a little bit of pain at her loss, but...

Documentary inveighing against homework screens May 3

April 25, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) --A free screening of Race to Nowhere, The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture, a documentary movie that promotes homework-free weekends and holiday breaks for students, will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 3, in Building 26, Room #220, on the Grossmont College ...

Dalai Lama urges peacemakers to seek peace of mind

Mimi Pollack

April 19, 2012

SAN DIEGO — Compassion without Borders. As a teacher of English as  Second Language who works with students and refugees from all over the world, those words resonated with me. It was an honor to see His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama for the fifth time. It was his first time presenting in my hometown o...

Mustang lovers show their cars’ stuff on Main Quad

Amir Al Tamimi

April 15, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE -- Something there is about classic Ford Mustangs that causes the hearts of both men and women to race.  Some might argue the point, but Chevrolet tries but doesn't quite capture that something with its Camaro. Several Mustangs were on display on the Main Quad during the...

Young widow escapes Iraq war, finds safety in U.S.

Amir Al Tamimi

April 12, 2012

EL CAJON -- "Moon" is one of the survivors, a young woman who faced danger and threats in her country, Iraq.  Ultimately she was accepted to the United States as a refugee. When she got married, she was 23 years old.  Her husband, 28,  was working as subcontractor with an American military r...

Padres lookahead: a season for building

Dylan Burke

April 2, 2012

   SAN DIEGO– The 2011 Padres finished the season in last place for the second time in the last four seasons with a record of 71-91.  The team has missed out on the playoffs now for five consecutive seasons. The change is certainly here for the Padres; their general manager, Jed Hoyer, is n...

For many Spring Break will be a stay at home affair

March 26, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Releases)-- In the movies, college students descend on vacation beach spots for a week of revelry during Spring Break; as for myself, I plan to watch as much professional baseball as possible. Meanwhile, a random survey of 11 students indicated that while some will be traveling...

Happy Nowruz! Today marks start of Persian New Year

Amir Al Tamimi

March 19, 2012

  GROSSMONT COLLEGE-- Today, March 19, marks the beginning of Nowruz, a New Year's holiday celebrated at the time of the Spring Equinox in Iran and in neighboring countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  It's a holiday with roots tracing back to the pre-Muslim era of Persia when Zoroastrianism w...

Benedetti & daughters wows ’em in Lakeside

Johnny Weber

March 16, 2012

LAKESIDE -- The Benedetti Trio performed elegantly and inspiringly at the Lakeside Presbyterian Church on March 13th as part of the church’s concert series. The Benedetti Trio is composed of Grossmont Music Department’s Co-Chair, Fred Benedetti, playing guitar and vocals, and his two dau...

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