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Effort to name San Diego street for gay rights standard bearer Harvey Milk wins backing of Hillcrest Town Council

Jenn Sanders

March 13, 2012

SAN DIEGO--The Hillcrest Town Council voted 24-3 on Tuesday evening, March 13,  to recommend to the San Diego City Council that Blaine Street be renamed as Harvey Milk Street after the gay San Francisco City-County supervisor who was slain along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone in 1978 by form...

Lowbrow ‘Project X’ tells of a party gone wild

Dylan Burke

March 12, 2012

SAN DIEGO  -- Director Nima Norizadeh's Project X tells the story of a party thrown by an insecure, popularity-seeking teenager when his parents are out of town. The party in Pasadena quickly gets out of hand to the point of calamity. Seventeen-year-old Thomas (Thomas Mann) had hoped the party...

State Department posts Spring Break advice for traveling students

Matt Quijas

March 6, 2012

In order to minimize Spring Break incidents, the U.S. State Department has created the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  The program is designed to inform students traveling and living abroad of potential threats that may impede their safety. Students thinking about traveling during th...

‘Dance for a Cure’ good for both the audience and patients

Sean Asuncion

March 5, 2012

CHULA VISTA--Every year Eastlake High School’s Performing Arts Center holds a benefit dance show to help kids suffering because of diseases like cancer. Known as “Dance For A Cure” renowned dance crews such as IDK, Natural Vibes and Future Shock display their technical abilities in modern dance ...

NCAA March Madness fans savoring surprises to come

Justin Gibbons

March 1, 2012

SAN DIEGO -- That time of the year is now upon us. It's time to bust out your brackets, your predictions and your favorites for the NCAA March Madness tournament. Last year we saw a great underdog team in UConn (University of Connecticut), winners of 11 straight including the five in the Big East ...

Rising gas prices may lead to students changing life styles

Dylan Burke

February 28, 2012

  GROSSMONT COLLEGE- Gas prices aren’t only rising in price locally daily, but they are also raising local students' concerns daily. The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped 18 cents over the past two weeks. That's according to the Lundberg Survey of fuel prices, ...

Iraqi-born attorney specializes in helping refugees

Amir Al Tamimi

February 20, 2012

  EL CAJON--An Iraqi immigrant who came to the United States in 1976 is now helping refugees from his country on their roads to citizenship. Steven Nazar Garmo had immigrated with his parents to Michigan, where he received a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan in 1986 and a la...

Newcomers need to learn basic information about U.S.

Amir Al Tamimi

February 13, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE--Many immigrants and refugees need to learn basic information and basic skills if they are to thrive in the United States.. Those from my native country of Iraq need to learn to speak English, which involves learning a completely different alphabet than the one Arabic speakers ...

Ali Baba Restaurant evokes legends of the Mideast desert

Amir Al Tamimi

February 13, 2012

Editor's Note: Before he moved to the United States, Amir Al Tamimi served as an interpreter and field reporter for various American media in Iraq.  This is the first in an intermittent series of stories by Tamimi about the growing Iraqi community in the City of El Cajon, home to Grossmont College. EL CAJON --Who could know t...

Commentary: It’s about time courts overturned Prop. 8

Jenn Sanders

February 8, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE--For at least the last four years a heated debate has been rampaging through not only California, but the entire country. Proposition 8 has been beaten to death, hopefully it will finally be allowed die, as to whether or not it is unconstitutional to prevent same-sex couples fro...

Madonna’s half-time show added to Super Bowl spectacle

Dylan Burke

February 6, 2012

   SAN DIEGO  – The score was 10-9 with the New England Patriots leading the New York Giants and on came Madonna accompanied by MIA, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green and “LMFAO” (a texting abbreviation for “Laughing My F** A** Off,  which is what this observer was doing) for a half-time show, ...

College district means $477.5 million to local economy annually

February 4, 2012

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)--A just-released analysis shows the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District’s yearly economic impact on San Diego’s East County region exceeds $477 million, including the nearly $100 million the local economy receives directly from college district operations. The...

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