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Sharisse Cohee
Avid sports fan who is intensely passionate about football. Received her associate degree in English from Grossmont last summer. In her final year here, preparing to transfer to a CSU to pursue journalism.

Sharisse Cohee, Editor-in-Chief, Web Designer/Editor

Aug 16, 2019
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Mar 12, 2019
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May 25, 2019
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May 25, 2019
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May 25, 2019
Softball Hangs-In Hard Season (Story/Media)
May 21, 2019
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May 10, 2019
Students Supporting Students (Story)
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All The World’s A Stage (Story/Media)
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Mar 11, 2019
Tragic Loss (Story)
Nov 09, 2018
New School, New State (Story)
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Oct 12, 2018
Time’s Out Running (Story)
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