Preventing Health Problems this Semester

Ahmad Williams


Starting a new semester is always a good experience, but along with all the new faces and experiences on campus, also comes new bacteria.With all the work an instructor assigns, staying healthy is vital to the productivity college demands. Besides isolating oneself in a room, there aren’t too many  ways to prevent being exposed to sneaky micro-organisms. From a single cough in class, to overcrowded classrooms, potentially contagious illnesses surround us each second. Even touching this newspaper  can introduce the immune system into some not so friendly viruses or bacteria.

One of easiest ways to stay virus-free is self-evaluation. Anytime around flu season, schedule an appointment with a health advisor, either here on campus or off campus.There are a number of health centers located across San Diego County. The East County Public Health Center is located approximately 15 minutes away from Grossmont College’s campus. The public may receive all the necessary guidance, evaluation and even vaccinations.

Don’t neglect the symptoms; getting an education is important but ultimately health is more of a priority. Take the necessary precautions and follow up with vaccinations. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.