Breaking Bad: Not so Bad.

Sheridan Martinez

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Breaking Bad premiered in 2008 on AMC and is best known as an exciting TV drama catching the attention of all ages groups across the globe. It was aired  on Sunday’s at nine o’clock. The season finale was on Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is a high school chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer. Not knowing how long he has left, Walter knows his teaching job will not provide for his family for the rest of their lives. Trying to plan for better in the future, he starts to apply his chemistry skills by making meth so he can provide for his family in the long run. For his operation he acquires a business partner, Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, a former chemistry student of his; and they embark on a long journey that eventually turns into a million dollar mastermind.

Breaking Bad Promotion Poster Courtesy of: AMC
Breaking Bad Promotion Poster
Courtesy of: AMC

The exciting story plot has swept across the nation and awed all of it’s viewers in the process. As soon as I heard all the chit-chat about how crazy the show was, I had to see what all the buzz was about. So I went on Netflix and watched the first episode, and that episode had so much action and drama, I was instantly hooked and was eager to watch more. Within a month I was able to finish the whole series.

I think what grabs the viewer’s eyes is that the story plot is not like any other. What other TV show do you know of that consists of a high school chemistry teacher building a drug empire and becoming the most well known meth cook around? Each episode is packed with action, drama, emotion, suspense and definitely lots of meth.

At the Emmy’s this year, Breaking Bad won “Most Outstanding Drama TV Series of 2013”. Anna Gun won “Best actress on a TV Drama Series”.  If you love a good drama show, then I would highly recommend this show for you. I would rate it 10/10 stars, one of the best shows I have ever seen in awhile. With everyone talking about them and millions of views that seems very feasible. With that being said this has easily become my favorite show of all time. I’m devastated that the season is over for good and I can only dream that maybe one day, they’ll come out with a spin series and continue the show; but until then Goodbye Breaking Bad.