Grossmont College parking: Surviving the Asphalt Jungle

Jenna Bouche


Grossmont College students generally worry about two things when driving to and on campus: running into traffic and parking. As each semester brings a wave of students, new and old, so begins the race for the perfect parking spot on the way to class. Here are some tips to avoid the hustle & bustle of campus parking:

  1. Figure out the average amount of time taken to drive from home, work, etc. to school. Students with morning or evening classes especially benefit from this reflection as they drive during peak traffic hours.
  2. After calculating the time to drive, add 10-15 minutes when determining what time to leave for class. For example: if a class begins at 09:00, and the drive to school with traffic is about a half hour, plan heading out at around 08:15. Though that may seem too early, the benefits manifest themselves as students are able to drive safer and more comfortably with the knowledge that, should something unexpected occur, they have a cushion of time with which to work.
  3. Schedule tomorrow’s events the night before. The beginning of the day usually serves as a harbinger–a sign or omen–of the rest of the day; as such, if the goal is to have a good day, a smooth start to the morning is key. Here’s another example: a class starts at 08:00, and the drive is about 15 minutes. The plan then would be to start driving at around 07:30. If the “morning ritual” typically takes a half hour, the same principle as the previous tip applies: add an extra 10 minutes or so to determine what time to wake up and get ready for the day.
  4. The walk to class is inevitable; avoid adding extra time and stress in looking for a closer spot by taking open spots that may be farther out in the lot. Bring a comfortable set of shoes for the trek across the lot and campus, after which a more “stylish” pair can be equipped.

Student Parking Lot Photo by: Jenna Bouche
Student Parking Lot
Photo by: Jenna Bouche

Class starts before entering a classroom or when the teacher begins a lecture: it begins while driving and walking to class, with all of the energy of the morning and day carried by the individual. Making sure that the basics are covered–parking being key among them–is one way to ensure that class starts with a fresh and open mind for learning.