Grossmont Welcomes A New Music Technician

Michael Johnston


New to the Grossmont College Music Department Anthony Cutietta is a man that wears many hats. He began working as the Music Technician on January 13. Cutietta is a former student of Grossmont College’s Music Program and has been a professional musician for over ten years. Cutietta was hired to take care of administrative assistant duties, but his background as a musician could be more beneficial for students.

Cutietta explained, “I went to this very program, and I took the very classes, with many of the same professors.”Cutietta does many things for the department. He is working on keeping the Music Department’s website and Facebook information up to date for students.Cutietta posts the class schedule for the Music Department, or if a professor is not feeling well to save students a trip to school by posting that the class is cancelled. Students that ‘Like’ the Grossmont College Music Department Facebook page will have easy-to-access information over social media thanks to Cutietta.“I want to use that page to inform the students,” said Cutietta, “Not just about concert dates, not just to promote the department, but I want it to be a source of information.”

Anthony Cutietta: New Music Technician Photo by: Michael Johnston
Anthony Cutietta: New Music Technician
Photo by: Michael Johnston

Cutietta has also started to create a class registration sheet for students. He wants to expedite the registration process to prevent confusion and make sure that students register quickly and get add-codes so classes do not get dropped. Cutietta’s position involves simple tasks such as answering phones, ordering equipment and providing answers for students and professors. While he stressed that he is not a counselor, he can provide counsel and advice to students.

Cutietta acknowledges that he is still learning but encourages students to come ask him questions and talk to him.  Ask him how to avoid Ghost Fifths or ask him about 18th Century Counterpoint. While he cannot do everything he is still a great source of information and experience. Cutietta advises music students to stay focused. Cutietta commented, “We can’t forget that we’re developing this relationship with our instrument. Because after all, as a musician, you are going to have a life of practice and preparation.”