Mystery Polio Illness

Roddel Abalos


About 25 children are suffering from a mystery polio-like illness said, the Special Investigation Section at the California Department of Public Health. Dr. Eric McDonald, deputy public health officer for San Diego County, said that two out of the 20 cases occurred in San Diego County since 2012. The average age of the children is 12.

Symptoms include being “severely weak,” and the loss of the ability to move limbs. It is too early to determine what is causing the limbs of children being left paralyzed. Grossmont College Health Services Supervisor Dianne Woodson, “there hasn’t been any polio like symptoms happen on campus.” Woodson continued on the mystery polio-illness, “I only know what I read online, and since its fairly new, I don’t know too much about it.”

Since there is no known cure for polio, the only treatment is to go through heat and physical therapy to stimulate the muscles. But having a polio vaccination as a baby prevents people from getting this disease. According to the World Health Organization, Europe is vulnerable for a polio outbreak, since many countries have “dropped their guard.” These outbreaks should make people more aware of the illness.

The new mystery polio like illness has been limited to California, and the only way you could prevent it is. According to Woodson, “wash your hands and contact a pediatrician right away when you start to feel the symptoms.” This mystery polio illness should be a wakeup call to all parents to get their children vaccinated.