How to prevent “Midterm Meltdowns” : An Opinion

Sheridan Martinez


With the blink of an eye Spring Semester is already more than half way over! With only six weeks left, midterms and finals are approaching vigorously. All students need to keep their cool. Here are some of my very own tips to make it through another successful semester.

  • GET PLENTY OF REST— Daylight saving times have royally screwed most of us when it comes to our sleeping schedules. As we know, it is very crucial to our precious minds and also mental stability that we get a solid eight hours of sleep. This can be accomplished by: 1) Putting down our cell phones and avoiding all social media before bed because our minds are left racing. 2) Maybe drinking a cup of hot (decaffeinated) tea because it can relax the body and mind and prepare us for a deep slumber.

  • STEP BY STEP— Take all your assignments and tasks one by one. If you don’t you will shortly become stumped. Take it from an experienced college student, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself by juggling all your homework, home life and extra curricular activities all at the same time. The best thing I’ve learned on how to cope with midterms and finals is to take one class at a time and try to focus on what’s due first instead of becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work piling up.

  • STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Don’t be afraid to take a couple hours away from social media to review for upcoming tests. Turn off that cell phone, grab your notes and isolate yourself in a quiet place. Making notecards to study from are one of my personal favorite ways I like to study. Writing down phrases and definitions can help your brain remember all the important keywords that are necessary for studying. You’d be surprised how much those little cards can help you in the long run.

  • CUT OUT ALL JUNK FOOD— Your brain and body needs all the nutrients it can get, especially when you’re assessing in all this new information. Make sure you treat your body and mind well, by not feeding it processed foods. Fresh water, raw fruits, veggies, and nuts are always a huge factor. Processed food can make you feel unmotivated and slovenly, instead of charged and ready to go, like you should be on a daily basis.

Most importantly for us students we need to remember to just stop and relax for a second, because it is extremely significant for us to contain our sanity during these few stressful weeks. That’s what we’re here for anyways, to conquer and succeed. Hopefully my tips will be helpful, happy midterms and finals everyone!