Entrances and Exits Dance Concert 2014

Sheridan Martinez


April 10th through April 12th, the Grossmont Dance Department presented their dance concert for Spring 2014 entitled “Entrances and Exits” at The Joan Kroc Center. This was a concert was completely choreographed by six of Grossmont College’s very own dance faculty, including the dance department chair Kathy Meyer, and other faculty members like David Mullen, Melissa Adao, Nancy Boskin-Mullen, Colleen Shipkowski, and Debi Toth-Ward. Entrances and Exits displayed all different genres of dance for everyone’s viewing pleasure, ranging from hip hop to jazz and modern and tap.

One of many dance pieces from Entrances and Exits  Photo by: Stephen Harvey
One of many dance pieces from Entrances and Exits
Photo by: Stephen Harvey

Each dance painted a story for the audience with movement and each dancer showed true colors and emotions with their pieces. The show kicked off with a refreshing and colorful modern piece put together by David Mullen entitled “Choreo Continuo” with lots of determination and body shapes. Followed closely by an exciting hip hop piece choreographed by Melissa Adao called “#it’sfriday”, with tons of students dancing to old school hip hop songs and dressed in their street clothes. The show ended with an exciting piece called “The dating game” choreographed by Melissa Adao, where the dance was set up like a dating show and each recipient danced to win the bachelorette’s heart. The wide varieties of dance were all portrayed perfectly and all the costumes were beautiful and went along with the dance pieces.

Bravo to all! Big thanks to the concert directors Kathy Meyer and David Mullen. Artwork photography Stephen Harvey, operations by Kristine Johanns, and music editing by Sal Agostino.