Her: A Movie Review

Sheridan Martinez


A quirky new age  futuristic love story, “Her” is about a young man named Theodore, who falls in love with his extremely intelligent female computer operating system named Samantha. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix as the main characters, “Her” was released on December 18th, 2013 and was directed and written by Spike Jonze. “Her” has already brought in an estimated $23 million according to the box office, and also has won a Golden Globe, for best screenplay – Spike Jonze and “The Best Film of the Year” award by The Los Angeles Film Association.

"Her" Movie Poster Courtesy of: herthemovie.com
“Her” Movie Poster
Courtesy of: herthemovie.com

The movie takes place in 2025. In a more technology based world, where every aspect of technology is so much more improved than in the world we live in today. Our main character Theodore is a middle aged nerdy man, depressed over his impending divorce. As an occupation he writes sympathy and birthday cards for people, not such a glamorous profession. A brand new type of advanced operating system comes out called an “OS” where it’s more personalized with a female/male voice, and can actually hold conversations with you. Being the tech nerd he is, Theodore buys an OS and eventually grows to like it, a little too much.

I liked the story of this movie, because it was out of the ordinary and it was finally a different type of sappy love story. Not only was it a love story, it was also a cheesy comedy because it showed him going on double dates with his OS and doing other normal couple things. It was interesting to see a well played out love story between a man and his computer, because who knows what the future might actually have in store for us?!  I think “Her” has shocked and intrigued many audiences because it’s so out of the ordinary and people want to see a new perspective. I would recommend you see it yourself, to get a better feel for the story, and the ending has a huge twist!