Divergent : A Movie Review

Lea Brannon


The movie “Divergent,” takes place in a society where figures of authority are in charge to prevent war and ensue peace in a dystopian setting.The movie follows main character Beatrice and how she must decide to conform to a “faction,” her society places every individual in.

In Beatrice’s city there are six groups of factions; Candor, Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, and Dauntless. These factions all have different purposes, but are symbolic of teamwork and peace so that survivors and younger generations in the city, don’t re-create past catastrophes that killed many people.

Throughout the duration of the movie viewers find out that Beatrice is “Divergent,” meaning she’s multi-talented and a threat to her society. She picks the Dauntless faction, which is for those who are brave and in charge of protecting what’s left of the city of Chicago. The movie goes into depth about the challenges Beatrice must overcome and the corruption of her “seemingly,” functional society.

Divergent movie poster Courtesy of divergencedaily.tumblr.com
Divergent movie poster
Courtesy of divergencedaily.tumblr.com

The movie did really well capturing audiences attention in the beginning of the film, and posing a real dilemma towards the characters’ life. sight From there the story seems set and seems to slow down a bit. The whole movie was pretty fast moving with only a few slower sentimental moments.

In the dystopian mind set that the movie was in everything Beatrice does seems like a revolution against evil , but in practical terms there’s parts of the movie that seem unrealistic. However this may not distract viewers as finding the movie enjoyable.

Overall the Movie “Divergent” is capturing. It’s woven with a few positive moral ideals and themes.