Don’t Stop the Flow The campus-wide Water Project continues with a water fair.

Sheridan Martinez, Editor in Chief


Grossmont’s inaugural “water fair” will be taking place on Nov. 4 and 5 in the Griffin Center and Griffin Gate—which might make some students wonder: “What the heck is a water fair?”

The water fair is related to the campus-wide theme of water this year; it’s the semester’s second assignment of the school’s “One Theme, One Campus,” an ongoing project here on campus to bring students from all different scholastic backgrounds together. The purpose of the water fair is for all students and professors participating in the Water Project to create a visual presentation to represent their water project chosen by their instructor, and to compete for the highest votes from Grossmont students.

For example, Joan Ahrens, an English teacher on campus, said she and her English 98 classes have written the school president, Dr. Sunita Cooke, requesting support for installing refillable bottle water stations around campus, and are now currently working on creating digital posters for the Water Fair competition. The posters are public service announcements and are intended to inform the campus community about public issues related to water.

“The purpose of the ‘One Theme, One Campus’ Water Project is to promote the principles of integrative learning,” Ahrens said. “Integrative learning is an approach that highlights the importance of addressing real-world issues relevant to students’ life experiences and interests, emphasizes self and social responsibility as well as civic engagement, and provides an opportunity for students to make connections across the curriculum.”

For questions regarding the Water Project, contact Tate Hurvitz, project coordinator, at [email protected]