Winter Wear: Joggers, leggings and jewelry—oh my!

Dorion Billingslea, Staff Reporter


Jeans have been around for forever for guys, but this starting winter season there seem to be more joggers coming out than jeans.  Joggers are more of a relaxed, compressed version of jeans that come in any design or color. Every store selling jeans is pretty much selling joggers, including Urban Outfitters or Topman. It seems like every guy that has a pair loves them. Joggers do seem to be coming more in style than regular jeans right now.

For women, leggings are worn for comfort and looking good on cooler days this season. Jeans and leggings will always be in competition because both of them will never go out of style, but most women agree that leggings are more comfy. Cardigans are always a good choice for cloudy days or just to wear when you’re in a room for a while and it gets cold.

This winter season, jewelry can be worn to make an outfit look more fashionable. For men, watches, from gold to silver, are a great addition to an outfit they can be worn with any short or long sleeve, adding a sophisticated look. If watches aren’t your thing, then there are always different style bracelets too. Rings, necklaces and bands are all a part of jewelry and accessories a man can wear to make an outfit pop out fashionably.

There are always new accessories coming out for women, so they can make your outfits pop out even more. In a store such as Forever 21 or Foreign Exchange, there is a small section in a store dedicated to jewelry just for woman. In style this season would be a regular gold color or rose gold watches or bracelets.

Scarves and hats are great for keeping warm—or if you’re just having a scruffy day.