Cyber Makeover: Grossmont College welcomes a new student-based website.

Sheridan Martinez


 Summit Editor in Chief

What’s Grossmont College’s gift to you this holiday season? A new website for the New Year.

Launching on Dec. 19, Grossmont College will have a completely new website with a new layout. Created especially to connect more with students, the website will provide easier navigation, new event calendars, search bars and updated photos. Students will be able to operate the website more easily and locate the resources they might need.

According to Lorena Ruggero, the director of Grossmont College Community Relations, “The new website is light years ahead of our current website from its layout – it can be viewed easily on smartphones, tablets and PCs – to how it’s designed, using a web-accessible content management system.”

Credit for the design and creation of the new website goes to: GCCCD Information Systems, Beacon and Hannon Hill, who designed the “cascade” content management system, also known as a type of styling, html or coding for websites.

Sue Gonda, Academic Senate president and a Grossmont College history instructor, said, “Location of information in the new site was created with the student college experience in mind, so hopefully students will find the site more intuitive and streamlined.”

The planning of a new a website has been going on for years, and, finally—with the help of the district, faculty, students and the Grossmont College website design taskforce— it can finally become a reality. Stay tuned for the release of the new website, Griffins.