Background of Sodexo sketched

Brennan Wasan

Brennan Wasan

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–What is the background of “Sodexo,” the food service company which now is the subject of student complaints on campus?

Its name is an acronym from the French “Société d’Exploitation Hotelière” which the company translates into English as the “Hotel Services Corporation.  Initially, the company used the acronym “Sodexho”  but decided to drop the ‘h’ which is silent in French.

The company has its critics and its fans.  Wikipedeia reports that critics have held protest demonstrations centering on such issues as the wages the company pays its employees and the prices it charges its customers.  Fans point to the company’s record of philanthropy, underwriting efforts around the world to feed the hungry.

Ed Frauenheim, a writer for Workforce Management, described Sodexo in an article as “a global provider of food and facilities management services that was founded in Marseille, France.”

He noted that the company offers to other companies  “’motivation solutions’ in areas including employee benefits and incentives and recognition.”  Sodexo employs an extensive amount of people in 80 countries and according to
Fortune magazine, it ranks as the 22nd-largest employer in the world and the 456th-largest in terms of revenue.

According to the Sodexo’s website,  the company specializes in providing
 “fresh, nutritious meals while working within the ethnic, cultural, and nutritional needs of our clients.”  Its mission is to “promote local, organic, and healthy ingredients grown through sustainable practices to keep our customers and our
environment healthy and happy.”

According to its website, in North America alone, Sodexo has 6,000
clients and serves about 10 million people a day.

Working Mother magazine named Sodexo “Best Company for Hourly Workers” and “Best Company for Multicultural Women.”

Wasan is a student in Media Comm 132