The campus scene: Some stop-action bike riding

Stop Action sequence by Dee C

Supporting Photos and Story by Robert Sanchez

Dee C. sets up lights as Henry Young readies a bike ride

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Student Henry Young, a competitive bike rider, pedaled across a portion of campus on Thursday, Nov. 4, as a clicking camera followed his every movement.  No, he wasn’t in a race – he was helping a photography student called Dee C. complete a project on stop-action photography.

Henry Young rides bike on campus as Dee C films in stop action

Dee C. had her Olympus Rangefinder camera and Alien Bee strobe lights stratregically positioned to catch every second of Young’s progress near Building 20 on his single speed specialized bike.  The point of the project was for Dee C. to practice the integration of natural and strobe lighting.

In the bargain, Young got some exercise.

Sanchez is a student in Media Comm 132