Restaurant Review: Pokez offers a Mexican vegetarian feast

Kamri Jackson

Some favorite Mexican dishes, Pokez style (Photo: Alexis Jacquett)

SAN DIEGO – This city has several qualities which many would claim set it apart from any other city. The beautiful weather is one– and another big one is its Mexican cuisine.

Let’s be honest, we are truly fortunate to have amazing access to such great Mexican food. Although this may hold true for most San Diegans, the vegetarian or vegan, often finds it a bit tricky to locate the right taco shop that will appease our dining needs and expectations.

Pokez (pronounced po-keys), is a Mexican vegetarian eatery at 947 E Street in downtown.  It is sure to please the veg foodie. 

Pokez has been one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants for years, and continues to serve up lard-free beans, tortilla chips, and tofu dishes which are never cooked in the same oil as meat. Rest assure, veggies– Pokez got you!

The other weekend, I took a friend visiting from Chicago to Pokez in the hopes of pleasing her taco desires.

My friend was intrigued by walls which are flooded by the works of various street artists– the ambiance is truly an urban cultural feast for the eyes. Murals of Che Guevara, Martin Luther King and the Virgin of Guadalupe are examples of the spirit which the eatery brings to the downtown scene.

We decided to order one of my favorites– the Vegan taco. This taco is comprised of beans, brown rice, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and is cupped inside of a lovely homemade flaky and crunchy taco shell.

Veggies, fret not about inviting your carnivorous friends along. The menu not only serves the veggie, but the meat eater as well. Tortas, enchiladas, to burritos that you can choose to be wrapped in flour, whole wheat or spinach tortillas, are just a few examples of the lovely variety on the menu.

The eatery is known for the eclectic crowd it brings, from the urban skater or hipster,  to the international tourist or downtown business man.

Support local health conscious eateries- I promise, it will be worth the few dollars.

Jackson is a student in Media Comm 132