No room for this visitor in CSIS classroom

Tim Flood

Recently relocated

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — As I am sure everyone is aware, we are well into the demolition phase of the Griffin Center and Student and Administrative Services Building construction projects.  In the demolition phase we have removed some of the existing landscaping to prepare for the expansion of the buildings and to make way for the new landscaping to be installed.  In some cases this landscaping may have provided a home to some of nature’s creatures. 

On Tuesday morning, the CSIS department discovered a gopher snake in one of their classrooms.   Since the CSIS class was already at its class max, we had to ask the snake to leave.  Donald Crain assisted in relocating the snake to an area more conducive to the snake’s educational needs, with the offer of priority registration next semester.

On a serious note, this type of incident is one we need to pay attention to and should serve as a reminder to all of us that our campus is located at the top of a mesa surrounded by natural habitat for all types of mammals, reptiles and insects.  And as we disturb internal campus landscape, we increase the chances of displacing one of these natural occupants who may not be happy about the relocation process and will be seeking a new warm, dry home.

I have asked the custodial staff to be vigilant and to ensure that doors are closed at the start of their shift to try to mitigate the chances of an unwanted guest finding its way into one of our classroom spaces, but we should all be vigilant as well.  Should you find an unwanted guest in your classroom, lab, or office area, please call the Facilities Office right away so we can assist in the relocation process.

Flood is vice president for administrative services at Grossmont College