‘From Crack to Clergy’ – Eric S. Smith

Russell Lindquist


Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, — Eric S. Smith spoke to scores of GC students Monday, Feb. 14 as part of the school’s observance of Black History Month.  Smith’s was a message of optimism amidst a life filled with challenge.

 He concluded his speech by reading a section of his book, which he prefaced with the following words:  “I am about to read some of my own words, and just remember: you have words too.  You, each, have something to say.  And never think that you words are any less important than someone else’s.” Smith will speak again tomorrow, Feb. 15 in room 220 beginning at 8:15 a.m.

Eric Smith tells about struggles of life and how not to give up (Photo - Robert Sanchez)

The following excerpt from the foreward of From Crack to Clergy is featured foremost on Smith’s website, www.FromCracktoClergy.com:

Provoking Thoughts by Eric Smith tells the story of Eric’s life in the South where he struggles to conquer a severe stutter. Readers will feel his pain and triumph as he faces each day with inner courage while poverty robs him,  fears chase him, people deny him, racism embraces him, and drugs finally control him. Also within the book are many poems that ask questions and challenge each reader to think in new ways. Eric founded the non-profit organizations, The Loving Care Center that serves the elderly confined to skilled nursing facilities and the Loving Care Outreach Church that serves the public, particularly those in need. Eric currently owns a full service painting company called The Caring Painters. In addition, Eric is a disable veteran business owner. 

Eric S. Smith at Grossmont (Photo - Russ Lindquist)

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