Grossmont through Stephen Harvey’s lens

Stephen Harvey

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept. 9 — Professional photographer Stephen Harvey on a daily basis photographs events and people at Grossmont College.  His work winds up on college brochures, on posters, attached to news releases, in annual reports and in a variety of publications.  And now, Harvey has agreed to share his work with the GC Summit.  From time to time, we will present a collection of his photographs which, in the aggregate, paint a campus portrait.

We start with a faculty convocation that was held in the gym on August 16, one week before the start of classes.  Everyone was asked to wear soft-sole shoes in order not to scratch the floor. 

Grossmont College President Sunny Cooke and a number of  faculty members dressed up their sneakers to show their school spirit:

Convocation shoes

Faculty and staff at Aug. 16 convocation

Sunny Cooke, in soft-soled shoes, addresses convocation

A week later, on August 23, the crowds on campus for the first day of classes were unbelievably large, as Harvey’s photo attests.  News crews came out to campus to interview President Cooke about the fact that budget cuts had forced the cancellation of numerous classes, even though overall enrollment had increased.

First day of classes, August 23, at Grossmont College

Channel 5 news crew interviews President Cooke on first day of classes

At the end of the first week, if things weren’t hot enough, a small brush fire broke out about 300 yards north of the campus.  It was put out with the help of mutual aid fire trucks from jurisdictions throughout the east county and helicopters and airplanes that sprayed water and retardant on the 10-acre blaze.

Firefighting chopper over campus, Aug. 27

There’s nothing quite like Grossmont College football to get the blood pumping, and Harvey was at the Sept. 2 practice recording the excitement as the Griffins readied for San Diego Mesa College (whom they would defeat 36-7 in the season opener.)

Sept 2 football practice

Sept. 2 football practice

Sept. 2 football practice

On Friday, Sept. 3, Harvey accompanied the International Club on a field trip to Mission Beach for a barbecue.

International Club at Mission Beach for a barbecue, Sept. 3

Fun at the barbecue

International Club students at Mission Beach

On Sept. 8, Harvey covered the Grossmont Women’s Cross-Country team from an unusual angle:

Women's Cross Country team, Sept. 8

The GC Summit thanks photographer Stephen Harvey for sharing his work with our readers. We look forward to future installments of this column.