Tech-mall tutor appeals for a payphone

Russ Lindquist

Michael Ragan, evening lead tutor at the tech-mall
Michael Ragan

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Some may consider payphones silly, in a time when it seems that everyone has his or her own cellular connection to the world.

However, Michael Ragan, a 2005 Grossmont alumnus and evening lead tutor at the tech-mall, believes that including a payphone on campus would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.

Ragan said that students on a daily basis approach staffmembers saying that their cellphones died and asking to borrow the staff members.  ‘ ‘I actually do not have a cellphone,” he said, “and I would never want to have to answer to somene’s parent if I did not let them use a phone and they ended up having to walk and then got attacked.”

In the background of his comments was the reported sexual assault   on April 12  in the parking structure here on campus.

To be sure, Ragan in no way supposes that a payphone would necessarily have helped in regards to the aforementioned alleged sexual assault, however he is certain that a payphone would be a welcome tool for many students, especially for those without a cellphone who are coordinating transportation from Grossmont after a late-night class.

There were payphones in the front of the school, before construction began years ago; but those have since been removed.

“We would certainly consider the inclusion of a payphone; the ASGC could submit a request to the facilities committe, then, upon approval, it would go back to the ASGC  ,” said Tim Flood, vice president  of administrative services.


Lindquist is Managing Editor of the GC Summit