Black’s Beach nudist tells do’s and don’t’s

Alexis Jacquett


Alexis Jacquett

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept. 14–As a nudist, I have been asked many questions about Blacks Beach by fellow students at Grossmont College  that I would like to address from my perspective. I would also like to give a list of the Do’s and Don’ts if you should visit that unofficial nude beach in the La Jolla/ Torrey Pines area.

One of the most common questions I have heard is, “Can you still be nude at the beach?” There is a designated side of Blacks Beach that is still nude. If it offends someone and is reported you will need to put on a swim suit or cover up. I have been a Blacks Beach Bum, if you will, for five years and have never had a problem or been told to put on my swim suit.

Another question commonly asked is; “Is it true that there’s just a bunch of old, ugly, fat guys”? Well we live in a free country, and Blacks Beach does not discriminate against any gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation, so you are bound to see a wide variety of people down there.

Black's Beach surfers

There is also the misconception that the people who frequent the beach want sexual attention. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! I find it offensive that people venture down to Blacks to people watch because they think we are there for their viewing pleasure. I believe that the media has played a major role in this misconception. Another contributing factor is that San Diego is a bit conservative, and there is not a whole lot of nudity here. Which still does not give excuse bad behavior.

Now I want to talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of Blacks Beach, in case I have presented an interesting place to visit. Do’s: Be kind, courteous, and respectful to everyone on the Beach. If there is someone already on the Beach close to where you would like to sit, give proper space and/or ask the person if he or she is comfortable with the distance so that you don’t offend or invade another person’s personal space.

Please bring necessary items such as; proper shoes/flip flops (with traction on the bottom) for the hike, a swim suit, a towel, sun screen, food/water. 

Don’ts:  Please don’t stare! Don’t leave your things unattended. Don’t trash the beach; clean up after yourself because the Beach will not clean itself! This is a great place to be free, soak up the sun, and enjoy yourself. I would like to keep the privilege of being nude on the beach, so please respect the beach and be civilized!   
Jacquett is a student in Media Communications 132, which published the online GC Summit