Constitution Week enlivens campus

David Hurst

Sons of the American Revolution, dressed in uniforms of the Continental Army, staff booth next to free speech wall on which students are encouraged to post their thoughts about the Constitution (Photo: Philip Tipple)

David Hurst
David Hurst

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—Barbecue, free pocket Constitutions, and a chance to meet and pose for photos with Sons of the American Revolution are some of the highlights of the ongoing campus Constitution Week.

In addition, a Constitution ‘Wall’ was constructed Monday and already is attracing written comments, thoughts, questions and artwork from students on the Constitution and the American system of government.  Some of the comments exemplify the concept of “freedom of speech.”

On Thursday,  Sept. 15, Griffin Radio will feature patriotic music courtesy of the Grosssmont College Future Broadcaster’s Association. Also, there will be a lecture on Civil Liberties in the 21st Century given by Dr. Joseph J. Braunwarth, Professor of Political Science, from 9:30-11:00.

Cheryl -Anne Phillips, president of the ASGC,  commented that Constitution Week “makes people aware of the constitution and how laws are made.”

Thursday also features Phillip Henshaw and Stan Delong representing the San Diego Chapter of the SAR. Descendants of early U.S. settlers, they are easily recognized on campus wearing 18th century American military uniforms in honor of George Washington.  The gentlemen say they have participated in Grossmont College’s Constitution Week for the last several years in honor of the patriots who founded the American system of government.


Hurst is a student in MediaComm132; contact him at [email protected]