What’s Hot in Hip Hop?

Nicolle Fedor

Nicolle Fedor
Nicolle Fedor
GROSSMONT COLLEGE –After a summer long of concert tours, music festivals, party rocking and name dropping, it is finally time to hear what Hip Hop heads such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, have been working on.

In the past eight weeks, many hip-hop artists have contributed to the ghetto poetry and edgy lyrics which infiltrate the Billboards Top 100 and radio stations all over the country, but only a few get to claim that illustrious reign at number 1.

As kings do, Jay-Z and Kanye West have come together in a powerful and in-your-face manner, which keeps their new full-length collaborative album Watch The Throne at the top of Billboards in both the Hot 100 and Hip Hop/R&B categories, respectively, for the past 7 weeks.

Peaking at number 1, this album is packed full of classic Kanye West-style production coupled with raw rhyming by both talented veterans.

After working closely with each other over the past decade, the Chi-Town native West and Brooklyn-Born Jay-Z agreed to take their talents to a whole new level by letting their talents and creative connection flow without restraint into one complete album.

Earlier this year the two released an immature crossover single, H.A.M., which fizzled on the Hot 100 charts.

Despite the negative press, Island Def Jam proceeded to fund the creation of, what is now being referred to as “another hip-hop classic.”

Jay-Z and West feature a number of industry leaders on their album, but no one stands out greater than newly craved-for, underground R&B sensation, Frank Ocean.

The 23-year old New Orleans native, Frank Ocean, migrated to California after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his home and work in New Orleans in 2006.

With only a dream and a degree, Ocean quickly found solace in song writing and spent his time in Los Angeles networking and recording.

His entire Do-It-Yourself attitude and no-limit drive earned an immediate signing by Def Jam, putting Ocean at the forefront of Hip Hop.

Even though he is the reserved one of the three-member Los Angeles-based group Odd Future, Ocean has crashed the radio and online airwaves louder than anyone else.

His first album Nostalgia, Ultra features “progressive hip-hop soul flavor” that is indicative of Oceans entire style.

Corporate tycoons have pushed his addictive single Novacane to the Charts but it is his internet-fan-base and high profile collaborations
that are skyrocketing this rookie straight to the top, in record time.

Following an 8-month stint at New York’s Riker’s Island, the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” Lil Wayne has bounced back sober and with more clarity.

Winter 2010 Lil Wayne was released and the hip-hop legend immediately jet set to Miami’s famous Hit Factory Studio for a year-long dedication to his craft.

It has been 3 years since the fully tatted up rapper released Tha Carter 3, and many fans and critics alike have been waiting for Tha Carter 4 to hit shelves.

Two albums and a couple of mixtapes later, Lil Wayne finally released his long awaited and debatably most-anticipated 9th solo album, Tha
Carter 4
, and the results are in; Mr. Carter’s back!

With only 5 weeks on the Billboard Charts, Lil Wayne has dominated the first place spot and currently has knocked out the reigning kings of “the throne” to take seat at the top of the Hip Hop/R&B Charts.

The 15-track album (18 if you bought the deluxe edition) brings you what many have said Lil Wayne has lost; his gangsta rap.

Not to be confused with the gut wrenching gangsta’s paradise that embodied Tha Carter 2, Lil Wayne delivers a more mature and evolved way of
life for the “gangsta”.

He is on his “grown-man”, according to the rapper, and has “learned a lot” while locked away behind bars and his lyrics show it.

Referring to his children, women, mentors, battle of addictions and how he has made a better life for himself give hope to the loyal fans who have stuck through his progression.

Starting from an adolescent 12-year old boy to a reckless and wild teenager/young adult to finally seeing the world with more responsibility as a leader, father and man.

Good leaders know when it is time to step back and let others take the limelight, and Lil Wayne has done just that with not only his label, Young Money, but also with seasoned underground artists like Tech N9ne.

Track 8 on the Tha Carter 4 is an Interlude featuring only Andre 3000 and Tech N9ne for the entire 2minute track.

The lyricism that the artists deliver paired with the energy already built up on the album keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for more.

Tech N9ne is undeniably one artist who is passionate about his artistry and has an impeccable work ethic, which is blatantly projected through his music, promotions/marketing and famous concerts.

Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne’smusical synergy together has brought the Midwest native, N9ne, to the forefront of mainstream hip hop; getting more exposure now than ever before.

Tech N9ne’s 12th solo CD, All 6’s and 7’s, has not hit the Charts yet, but be on the look out for this rising superstar!

Tech N9ne is currently on tour and will be at the House Of Blues in Downtown San Diego Oct. 13.. Tickets are $30.

Fedor is a student in Media Comm 132. She may be contacted at [email protected]