Theatre Arts Department memorializes its founder

Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- The world premiere of Grossmont College Theatre Arts Department’s play Tata Twins: The Remix on December 1 began with a remembrance of Grossmont’s first Theatre Arts teacher Martin Gerrish.

Several deans and donors were in attendance to not only see the world premiere of the play but to celebrate 50 years of Grossmont’s Theatre arts department. Gerrish’s son, Ed, was also in attendance to receive a certificate honoring his father’s legacy.

Clark Myers, who was a colleague of Gerrish, talked about their experiences and the program that Gerrish started.

Myers has a plaque in the hall by the entrance of the Stagehouse Theatre that honors all of the work he did for the school before he retired. It will be joined by a plaque in memory of Martin Gerrish.

Among officials attending the event were Chancellor Cindy L. Miles, President Sunita V. Cooke, Dean Steve Baker, and Beth Duggan, the theatre arts chair, as well as many other supporters and members of the Theatre Arts Department.

Ed Gerrish received much applause when accepting the certificate for his dad. Many in the audience had their own memories of the man who started the program 50 years ago.
Brauer is news editor of the GC Summit. He may be contacted at [email protected]