State Department posts Spring Break advice for traveling students

Matt Quijas

Matt Quijas

In order to minimize Spring Break incidents, the U.S. State Department has created the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  The program is designed to inform students traveling and living abroad of potential threats that may impede their safety.

Students thinking about traveling during the upcoming Spring Break were able to submit questions via Facebook on Tuesday, March 6.  The “Spring Break: Be Smart, Be Safe” chat covered a wide range of topics.

The live chat was a great opportunity for students, parents, families, and friends to voice their concerns and get insight on questions they may not know the answers to.  For instance, it seems so obvious to leave all contact information behind for families in case of emergency; however, it is only natural to forget minor things such as these.  It was advised to leave all itinerary information, phone numbers, layovers with times, as well as good contact information for each stop.

One questioner asked about speeding up the process of visas; if there was any way to do so in cases of emergency?  Another wanted to know what to do if a visa expired while abroad?  Links were given to these individuals to help learn about the available options.

For good overseas travel advice, visit “Spring Break: Be Smart, Be Safe” on Facebook and read through the topics covered.  The page reminds travelers to stay together, especially when leaving bars.

Prior to stepping on that plane this year, it would be who of you to check out this page and do a little bit of your own research before departure.

Quijas is editor-in-chief of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at [email protected]