‘Sock n’ roll’ launches GC’s 50th anniversary bash

Johnny Weber

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –There was a good ol’ fashioned 60’s decorated Sock Hop in the gymnasium on the night of April 13th as part of the college’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

A Sock Hop is a high school dance in which students aree required to take off their street shoes so they wouldn’t scuff up the gym floor. Often a live rock n’ roll band would perform.

At the main entrance to the gym people were required to check in shoes and received a ticket to ensure that their shoes would not be stolen or lost.

All age groups gathered in the gym from young children to the more seasoned persons, many of whom were dressed in period attire. Young children were seen dancing with their parents and grandparents, high school students attended as well. College students and elderly people were seen intermingling with one another on the dance floor. President Sunny Cooke, as well as other faculty members, could be spotted showing off some of their sweet moves on the dance floor. Many of the ASGC election candidates, including Alex Fernandez, were attempting to dance their way into voters’ hearts.

I and my “greaser” partners in crime, Cody Booth and Esau Cortez, currently running for V.P., were out on the dance floor sweet talking the ladies and encouraging others to dance. Cody Booth stated that he “danced with a whole bunch of people and it was really fun!” We eventually met up with some cool gals that I knew in high school: Shyanne Shelton, Jackie Herzig and Katelyn Kopf. Shyanne Shelton, current student at Cyuamaca and Grossmont, stated that “it would have been better with more people, (college students) but it was still pretty cool overall.”

Grossmont’s gym was decorated with stand-up posters of James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe as well as two archways of balloons. There was also a stand up poster of the front of a 1950’s Bel Air in which people could take pictures. Student  Jackie Herzig, stated that “I really liked the decorations and I wanted to keep one of the music note balloons.” Viejas provided the lighting and sound for the gym and the band.

The band Footloose performed songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s including such classics as The Rolling Stone’s “Satisfaction,” The Beatles “Saw Her Standing There” and of course some of what the band called “Ladies choices” such as Van Morrisons “Brown Eyed Girl.” The band itself consisted of Grossmont’s dean of arts, humanities, languages and communications, Steve Baker, on keyboard as well as Mel, Joe, Rick and Ron, all people who according to  Baker “had grown up and played in a band during the golden age of rock and roll.” Katelyn Kopf, a student at Grossmont, stated that “ the music was epic and I loved the band!” and that her favorite moment was when “ played ‘Twist and Shout.’”

Halfway through the dance a couple of rewards were given out to couples who were “most spirited dancers, best dancers,”and “best costume.” There was also a competition for “best dressed couple.” After the awards were given out, the band played more classics from the time period.

As the night wound down more and more people started to leave but our group and a couple of other people danced on until the band played its final song, which unfortunately was not “Freebird” shouted out by some of the attendees. Overall, the Sock Hop was a smashing success and was a great time for all involved. Cody Booth stated that “there should be more events like this in the future.”

Weber is managing editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at
[email protected]