Afternoon spent on a Poe-sitive note

Johnny Weber

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – “Was he a madman? Was he a genius? Or was he both?”

Write Out Loud attempted to unravel the mystery behind the words of one of the most beloved American gothic poets, Edgar Allan Poe at the literary arts festival on May 1.

Write Out Loud is a theatrical group consisting of Veronica Murphy, Walter Ritter and Tim West. Special guest Tom Andrew also performed.

The event stated out with harrowing screams from the actors as they read “The Language of Poe” an introduction to the macabre and morose style of Edgar Allan Poe. Murphy, Ritter, and West’s words were echoed off of one another in a haunting tone.

Tom Andrew read “The Oval Portrait” in a fireside matter. His vocal inflections kept the audience hanging on his every word. His cadences built tension that made the audience shudder yet yearn for more.

Walter Ritter and Tim West performed the “The Cask of Amontillado” in a “drunken” stupor. West played the evil protagonist, Montresor brilliantly with a snicker and a wry smile on his face while exacting his revenge. Ritter played the part of Fortunato perfectly coughing loudly here and there and slurring his words together to sound drunk.

Unfortunately, the production had to stop early as it did not have enough time to finish.  Write Out Loud had booked Room 220 until 1:50 p.m., and a class was scheduled to begin ten minutes later.  The group will be performing its next play titled Animals I Have Known around the county. For more information visit or call 619-297-8953.

Weber is managing editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at [email protected]