Veterans have a place of their own at Grossmont

Alexis Jacquett

Alexis Jacquett

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–It looks like a quiet spacious living room accessorized with computers and a bookshelf.

This new quiet study location for military veterans is conveniently located in Building 21, room 253. The Student Veterans Organization wanted to create a resource for veterans students attending Grossmont College. This is the first program that Grossmont College has made available just for veterans.

The resource center anticipates that veterans will have many of the same general needs for college students, especially a quiet place to study, and do homework. In addition, however, this is a place to receive information regarding veterans benefits.  There are also programs on the computers that designed forstudents who have disabilities.

Interior, Grossmont Veterans' Center

The resource center’s hours of operation are 8am-7pm on Mondays, 8am-5pm Tuesday –Thursday, and 8am-3pm on Fridays.

John Weber, president of the SVO, described the resource center as a “quiet place for vets to study, a homework location, somewhere for them to get tech resources, peer counseling, book loan program, information about veteran’s benefits, and disability programs.”

Michael Willcut, a veteran with four years in the service, commented,  “It’s really a blessing”. Its awesome, I never really used the library; I just used to study at home but its a great place to utilize, a great environment and it’s good to be around other veterans”

Raul Flores, a retired veteran who served 21 years, said: ” If it’s there I will use it. When I was young, I used to be embarrassed, but now I’m not. You should use the resources available, take advantage of it”

Jacquett is a student in Media Communications 132.