Running for learning

//Running for learning

Running for learning

By Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –Andy Timm, a specialist in instructional computer systems, had his students who usually meets in a classroom, assemble at 4 p.m.,  Tuesday, Feb. 14, at the Griffins football field and track to run laps.

The exercise was to both gather information regarding the students’ heart rates, their pulse rate, their blood pressure and the amount of oxygen they were receiving prior to the run. After the run/jog was over, the tests were re-administered to compare the data.
According to Timm, his students will take this data and analyze the statistics.

“We try to make sure the students get used to thinking about these things

[blood pressure, heart rate, etcetera] and while we’re down here we’re able to sponsor the runners and raise money for our program,” Timm said.

Nurses at the event said in the case of a generally fit person,  blood pressure will be somewhat higher for a short time after the run than it was before.  A person who is out of shape, on the other hand, will experience elevated blood pressure for a longer period.


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