Grossmont Stage House Theatre Presents..Romeo and Juliet: The story of two star crossed lovers.

Talib_LaraA Review By: Lara Talib

Summit Staff Reporter

The Grossmont Stagehouse Theatre has taken on William Shakespeare’s classic play “Romeo and Juliet.” The production is a more modernized version of the original setting, being set in 1920s, Prohibition-era Chicago. Regardless of the setting, the theater department stayed true to Shakespeare’s original dialect throughout the play, complete with all the monologues and Old English wording.

The costumes were great, and it still amazes me that the clothes they wore in the play were all sewn together by the cast and crew. On top of that, I absolutely adored all the actors, and it really felt like they stayed true to the characters in the original play, mainly the nurse, who was played by Julie Monroy.revised 12.2014RandJPoster

But overall, I give this production 3 out of 5 stars, because it was just a little too long for my liking. I get that Shakespeare’s plays are meant to be long, but it could have been cut down a little bit so as to not make the audience bored by the end of it. I also wasn’t a fan of the contrasting time periods; the time was set in the 1920s, the dialect in the 1600s and the music in the late 2000s, so it made things feel a little out of place. And even though the show itself is two and a half hours long, at least it’s not a musical!

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San Diego Padres Return to Relevancy

Haugh, DylanBy: Dylan Haugh

Summit Staff Reporter

Since their miracle World Series run in 1998, the San Diego Padres have seen little success in the standings and the box office. The Friars have only eclipsed the .500 mark a measly five times, and have reached the playoffs just twice in that 16-year span. The club has been very frugal in terms of salary cap, building through the draft rather than dabbling in the free agent market. Oh, how the times have changed.

At the annual MLB Winter Meetings, which were held in San Diego in December, newly-appointed general manager A.J. Preller struck a blockbuster deal with the rival Los Angeles Dodgers. The deal sent long-time All-Star Matt Kemp packing his bags for sunny San Diego, instantly striking a fire underneath a once irrelevant franchise.

Preller wasn’t done, however, working fast at the helm and hauling in two more All-Stars, Justin Upton, Derek Norris, the 2013 AL Rookie of the year Will Myers, and a former World Champion, as well as Will Middlebrooks. Preller’s lightning moves completely revamped an anemic lineup that was ranked last in the National League in hits and runs in 2014.

The final piece to the puzzle came to fruition with the signing of free agent ace James Shields to a four-year, $75 million deal. Shields’ contract ranked him as the Padre’s highest pitching contract since Jake Peavy’s three-year, $52 million deal during the 07-08 offseason. The 33-year-old California native and current San Diego resident has been Mr. Consistent, throwing eight-straight 200+ inning seasons and reaching the World Series twice in that span, with the Rays and the Royals.

The Padres have already succeeded in instilling some hope to a fan base that frankly hasn’t been there to support a team that has been going nowhere in years past. The Dodgers and Giants have not only dominated the NL West, but also Petco Park, turning it blue and orange when their teams are in town. And it’s very easy to win the offseason; moves look great on paper but don’t necessarily translate to wins on the field.

Still, the future is bright for baseball in San Diego. It’s no coincidence that San Diego received the 2016 all-star weekend bid after filling up the checkbook this winter. Relevancy is right on the doorstep for San Diego and baseball. It’s up to the Friars to live up to the highest expectations in Padres history.

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Leading Ladies: Today’s female film characters are showing more depth.

Ousley_RodneyBy: Rodney Ousley

Summit Staff Reporter

Traditionally, Hollywood has had no shortage of well-rounded male characters throughout the history of American cinema. While not only dominating the market in sheer numbers, the portrayal of men in film — whether hero or villain — rarely lacks in authenticity, imagination or diversity. The same cannot always be said of the fairer sex.

According to research conducted by the Annenberg School For Communication and Journalism, in film, only one female is visible to every 2.24 males, and only 23 of the speaking roles in the action genre come from a female voice. These figures seem almost improbable when taking into consideration the recent spurt of girl power-ladened epics like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.”

These vestiges were in direct conflict with the ever-present, yet marginalized, leather jumpsuit-clad heroine singularly fighting alongside a sea of uber-powered male demigods theme that ran rampant in 2014. In blockbuster films like “Captain America: Winter Soldier” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the most powerful weapons in these femme fatales’ arsenals are their sexuality and guile. One cannot help but wonder if these characters continually get the best of their male counterparts because of their intellectual prowess, or if the plunging neckline and thigh-high boots dress code they all incessantly subscribe to is what really gives them their edge.

It is almost impossible to please an audience that demands accurate and concurrent representations of femininity in movies when the definition itself draws an almost infinite amount of conclusions. Grossmont College Media Arts professor and independent filmmaker Silvia Luz said: “The live action genre naturally asks for the protagonist to be a strong person. But with a girl protagonist, she’s expected to be even bigger and even stronger than the men to stand next to them. And even then, after all of that, the women are told that it does not work because now they are not believable [characters].”

Surprisingly the whimsical world of storybook make-believe seems to be a rare exception to the rule with films like “Frozen,” the epic 2013 animated tale of two estranged sisters, and Disney’s 2014 live-action “Sleeping Beauty” prequel, “Maleficent,” that reexamines the meaning of true love. The modern-day princess in peril no longer requires the kiss of a prince to be her salvation if she is truly loved by her sister or a lifelong friend. These characters present the duality of stereotypical feminine grace in a floor length gown, along with exhibiting the boldness to challenge the status quo and venture beyond the protective gates of the royal palace, in a fashion that has almost always been been an exclusively male trait.

“A new model of the girl protagonist is raising in animation,” Luz said. “Children have a huge scope in front of them now, through their access to technology, and are becoming more and more sophisticated. Disney, and especially Pixar films, are becoming more adult in terms of storylines.

“They are starting to realize that they can not rely on the same patterns of the perfect world where the girls sing songs and wear dresses in the tower while the boys go out into the world and fight dragons for them,” she added.

Perhaps the best way to broach this subject is to understand that no one role, character, or cinematic archetype is a total representation of all women as a whole. Hollywood seems to have gotten the message. While only in the cusp of 2015, we have already been presented a slew of female lead options; for example the live-action “Cinderella” remake premiering March 13, and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” starring Oscar-winner Charlize Theron, hitting theaters mid May. At first glance, these two films may seem to portray the oversimplified female dichotomy template; the porcelain doll-faced Stepford wife with the impossibly thin waistline, and the asexual she-beast who can roll with the guys but never actually gets one. But Hollywood has been known to surprise us lately, whenever we choose to look beyond the surface.

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The San Diego Gulls Flock back to the Beach

Totah_EliasBy: Elias Totah

Summit Staff Reporter

The San Diego Gulls are officially back, ladies and gentlemen. When the news broke last month out about hockey being back in San Diego, the city erupted with excitement.

The amateur team will be playing at the Valley View Casino Center next season.

San Diego has not had a hockey team since 2006, when the Gulls were a Junior A team, which is a division of players that are 20 years old or less. Now, the Gulls are an American Hockey League team and an affiliate of the NHL Anaheim Ducks, meaning the Ducks could pull Gulls players up to play in their professional games on a daily basis.

The Gulls finished out this hockey season in Norfolk, Va., with a 6-10 record. They’re looking to add more young talent to the team in the offseason and start focusing on being successful in 2016. As a feeder team for the Ducks, the Gulls are playing for a professional roster spot. The focus is to have players at this level develop and prepare to play in NHL.


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Q&A With Grossmont College’s Governing Board

Stout_AshleyBy: Ashley Stout

Summit Deputy Editor

Grossmont College has many forms of authority on campus, but one that many students don’t know about most is our school’s Governing Board. Bill Garrett, the board’s president since 2004, answered some questions about this hidden authority.

Who makes up the Governing Board?

Five elected members are elected from the community, four years at a time, also one student from Grossmont and Cuyamaca for one year.

What, as a president, do you do?

I run all meetings, [am a] spokesperson for the board, represent board in the community, and also other community colleges in California.

Do you have any specific responsibilities?

First responsibility: Hire the chancellor; everyone else is hired by the chancellor.

Second responsibility: Make sure finances are in good order, that we can make sure that the board’s goals are followed. What’s important to the board is important to the colleges.

Third Responsibility: Do not develop the budget but do approve the budget.

Fourth Responsibility: Be a sounding board to the community.

How is a Governing Board meeting run?

Well, it is held on the third Tuesday of each month. An agenda is produced with the approval of the chancellor and president on various items. We ratify contracts within the district, then open it up to other board members to talk about what they do and [ask] questions for future reference.

So people from the public can talk as well?

The people from the public can talk about what’s on agenda or what they want to see change.

What is the Governing Board’s main focus?

Student Success. The reason we are here are for students; we want programs to help them with their career … provide them the opportunity to move forward with their career.

What would you like to change most?

I think we should put more effort on student success—make sure all students are given the same programs available, more opportunities for part-time students to succeed. Also, fix the budget crisis. I feel like people are working better together now; it feels like a total unity, board meetings have been more positive than negative.

What is the future like for the Governing Board?

More physical stabilization. This only can happen if we get the states to support our community colleges better … And more effort for support services to student success. The more involved you are, the more successful. We’re trying hard to see that all ranges of students can succeed.

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Griffin Greats: Notable Grossmont Alumni

Talib_LaraBy: Lara Talib

Summit Staff Reporter

Grossmont College was home to many different famous people. We have actors, and actresses, comedians and ball players, authors and musicians. Here’s some of the most notable alumni.

1251211352_rachel_bilson_290x402Actress Rachel Bilson is known for her roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (2003), “The OC” (2003 – 2007) and her current role as Dr. Zoe Hart in “Hart of Dixie” (2011 to present). She attended Grossmont College, but dropped out a year later in order to pursue her acting career. Bilson still lives in nearby in Los Angeles. Although things didn’t work out for her at Grossmont, she is continuing to do amazing things, she is now married and recently had a child. Kudos to her for following her dreams!

Dat PhanComedian Dat Phan is also a fellow Griffin. He went to Grossmont around seven years ago and decided to follow his dream of becoming a comedian shortly after 9/11. He packed his bags and like most people looking to make it in showbiz left to Los Angeles. In 2003, he was the winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” He now tours all over the country and continues to bless us with his comical genuity. If students want to feel a bit closer to Phan, all they’d have to do is walk down Grossmont College’s Walk of Fame.

David LeisuresActor David Leisure transferred from Grossmont to San Diego State. He is known for his roles in the show “Empty Nest” as Charley Dietz, and also known as Joe Isuzu in a series of commercials. He’s still working in Hollywood, he starred in “Meet my Valentine,” which was released in February.


Joe KennedyBaseball pitcher Joseph “Joe” Kennedy graduated from Cajon Valley High School and moved on to be a fellow Griffin. He was drafted in 1998 to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the eighth round, and got signed and played his first game in June of that same year. Unfortunately, Kennedy died of a heart condition in November of 2007; he played his last game on Sept. 29, 2007. The saying, “Once a Griffin, always a Griffin” definitely rings true here.

Brad DaluisoBrad Daluiso was an all-American kicker from 1991 to 2001 when he retired. During his 10-year tenure, he had a 76 field goal percentage. In 1996, he had a 24/27 performance kicking field goals, making that easily his best year as a professional. Daluiso graduated from Valhalla High School and moved onto Grossmont College, he was here from 1987 to 1988, and later transferred to SDSU and then to UCLA to start growing his career as a pro football player.

Grossmont College is honored to have all these different famous alumni as part of the Griffin Community. We here at the Summit, continue to hope that more of our amazing Griffins will strive to be on this list one day. Always remember, once a Griffin always a Griffin!

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A Charging Station: San Diego’s football team strives for a new stadium.

Totah_EliasBy: Elias Totah

Summit Staff Reporter

It is a rather interesting time for our San Diego Chargers. First, reports coming out that the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders wanting to co-exist at a brand new stadium in Carson, Calif., was disheartening for Chargers fans to hear. The overarching feeling in San Diego is disbelief, but we need to understand that the topic was going to come up sooner or later.

On Tuesday, March 2, the Chargers held a public forum at Qualcomm Stadium for all Chargers fans to come and share their input on what San Diego should do going forward. The Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group gave the fans a chance to share ideas for three full hours. The atmosphere was moving; it went from a public forum to a pep rally the minute it started. As a fan in attendance, I came to a conclusion that there was not as many stadium ideas that I would have liked to hear. Instead, fans were talking about their lives as a Chargers fans and their experiences at the stadium.

The only two locations for a new stadium that the Chargers task force wanted the fans to respond to was Downtown or Mission Valley. Most in attendance preferred the Mission Valley site, but for one reason: Tailgating. If our focal point is seeing which location will benefit us to tailgate and have a good time before the game, then San Diego as a community is missing the point. If we have the opportunity to build a new stadium in Mission Valley and in practically the identical location of where Qualcomm Stadium is as of right now, then we should be fine with that.

When it was all over, the feeling at the public forum was that the stadium group did not get the answers they were looking for as a whole. Though there were good ideas and good feedback at times during the forum, I feel that Chargers fans needed to take another angle at vowing for a new stadium. We needed to talk about how this will benefit us in the long run as a city. More jobs in the Mission Valley area will be established. More events will be held at the new stadium site for NCAA Basketball games, concerts, shows and more. By building a new stadium locally, it will allow us to have the Super Bowl right here in San Diego for years to come.

The idea would be while the Chargers are still playing at Qualcomm, a stadium would be built right next door. A proposed stadium would not be done until the offseason of 2016 or 2017, I would assume. That would be the proposal for the Mission Valley site.

Meanwhile, at the Downtown site proposal, the idea is to build a stadium right next to Petco Park. At the public forum, I noticed one man that made a very valid point. He said, “Why should we move our Chargers away from one of the most beautiful and most popular cities in the world?” This would be a destination that would attract outsiders if a new stadium is built.

All in all, the public forum was a success. Supporters came out and gave their two cents on what we should do. I was impressed with what the fans had to say, even though I did not hear what I wanted to hear at times. We should a lot of passion for our Chargers that hopefully that gives the team’s officials and the task force the swing vote to keep them here.


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Calling all Actors and Filmmakers!

Ousley_RodneyBy: Rodney Ousley

Summit Staff Reporter

Grossmont College boasts a multitude of talented filmmakers, production crew members and performers who are always eager to perfect their craft or promote themselves to advance their careers. But some may or may not be aware of the variety of tools and learning activities available outside of their community.

Located in Los Angeles, Hollywood Casting and Film (HCandF) provides state-of-the-art studio rooms, lighting, and camera equipment for a professional casting and auditioning experience that costs $9.99 per month. HCandF, in conjunction with NewFilmmakers Los Angeles and The National Association of Latino Independent Filmmakers, offers these amenities to its patrons as well as a magnitude of other online services for independent filmmakers on a budget hoping to connect with young student actors looking for experience. The online database also acts as a direct social media network link between burgeoning filmmakers and performers.


Upon signup, actors will be prompted to create an online profile, complete with an opportunity to post headshots, a personal bio and resume. This process helps to better categorize performers for the automatic email alerts they will receive for auditioning opportunities. HCandF members will be privy to exclusive casting notices presented directly from the filmmakers themselves in short videos describing their projects.

Actors can also benefit from training and performance critiques given directly from professional casting agents. Performers can schedule “self-tapings,” recorded directly at the facilities, of short monologues for professional review. HCandF also offers acting classes and periodic workshops that members are encouraged to attend, taught by guest speakers, performers and other veterans in the business.

Aspiring directors can likewise benefit from the program with access to an array of promising performers of all ages and types via a refined search filter in the online database. Filmmakers also have access to the casting rooms to audition actors for their projects from a business-like setting. Registering as a director with the HCandF not only allocates mass awareness for upcoming projects during the pre-production phase, but also after projects have been completed and distributed, as many award-winning films that originated with the program are promoted in house.

For more information, visit and register under as an actor or director.

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Spring Forward: March Fashion Trends

By: Dorion Billingslea & Ashley Stout

Finally in spring and things are starting warm up, which means going lots of places with your friends, whether it’s out to the beach or a day at the mall. Since summer is three months away, this would be the perfect time to start working on your summer body to look fierce wherever you go.

For inspiration, you could start buying the clothing sizes you’re inspiring to fit in to so that you will have motivation get into those clothes by the time summer hits. Since these hot days are starting to come, almost everyone will be wearing some type of shorts, whether it’s guys wearing cargo shorts or girls wearing jean shorts. A new popular jean style for woman that is going around is high-waisted shorts, which are jeans shorts that just go up to the belly button.Shorts Picture 1

While transitioning into spring, it’s really important to wear something you feel comfortable in and find your own personal and unique fashion. With the weather getting really warm, there will be lots of people wearing more revealing clothing, especially when going to the beach. When seeing people wearing something different or raunchy, you might feel pressured to do the same. Just go with your instinct that makes you look fashionably comfortable, because you never know, you could be the one setting a new trend or bringing a new trend back.

It’s also always good to wear clothing that fits your figure because some clothing really isn’t for some people. You don’t wanna wear something too tight, but you don’t wanna wear something too loose. Remember if you’re going somewhere important, it’s always good to get a second or third opinion.

Store Spotlight:

With trends coming in for spring, there are so many places you can go that it might be overwhelming. This month, there is a store that shines with all of the latest trends. American Apparel might be a little pricey, but for what you buy, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. This store has clothes for men and women, with all types of colors and styles you can buy.


For those who are unfamiliar with PETA, it’s an organization that  fights against animal cruelty. If there is any event or person or supporting animal wearing, PETA always seems to be there to protest against it. Fashion Week events are no exception.

Peta Picture

Every time fashion week starts their shows, PETA can usually be found outside protesting. During New York fashion week, the weather was so cold that you could hardly be outside, so some celebrities chose to wear fur coats. Protesters were still not having it, marching around with their signs yelling names at them.

We all know PETA means business and takes these things serious when they have celebrity targets. For example, back in 2012, Kim Kardashian got flour bombed at her own red carpet for wearing one of her famous fur outfits. Kim obviously brushed that incident off years later, because both she and her baby North West wore fur coats in the cold city during fashion week. And she wasn’t the only one who sported the fashionable look; many other celebs, like Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran didn’t seem worried about PETA either.


The most anticipated time of the year for all fashion lovers is Fashion Week. From New York to Paris to Milan, everyone is eager to see what fashion designers have brought to the table for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Overall across all fashion weeks, fashion designers played with the textures of hard and soft. Fur was the biggest statement piece used in many fashion designers collections, whether it be coats, scarves, vests or shoulder pieces.

Michael Costello - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015

Beside fur, colors ran wild, with subtle whites and pastels to shockingly dramatic neons and rich colors. Designers played it safe or laid it out on the line, with no inbetween. Metallics, embroidery, fringe and jewels covered many of the pieces as well, some looks looked a bit chunky and messy, but the crowd seemed to love every bit of it.

Fashion statements were seen all across the runway but the biggest fashion statements were seen off the runway. Street style played a big part in this year’s fashion weeks. Everyone showed up dressed to impress in the latest trends. Coats from short to long, turtlenecks in rich warm colors and pants from ankle to flowing bell bottoms. The most notable trend was the boots, representing in tall, short, leather, velvet and many more. This fashion preview definitely has us excited for 2015’s fall and winter collections.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, also known as New York Fashion Week, kicked off the fashion season in mid-February. Top designers from Michael Kors to Yeezy showed off all of their top collections. Since the event was at the same time as the NBA All-Star game, held at MadisoKim Kardashian gets Flour Bombed at her event - Los Angelesn Square Garden, The Big Apple was flooded with lots of celebrities.

Paris Fashion Week, the last of the fashion season, was held March 4-11. Not a lot of celebrities traveled halfway across the world for this fashion week but top designers still showed off their best looks from Louis Vuitton to Balmain. The highlight show of Paris fashion week was the Balmain show with top models walking the runway and young creative designer Olivier Rousteing.

Q&A w/ Dorion


What is a good shopping app for online orders?

Wanelo is a great shopping app for not just clothes, but any specific thing you are looking for. Every trendy item on the app is mixed up with different brands, and it also gets to know what you like to shop for so it can give you great recommendations.

Is it OK to wear shoes without any socks?

It definitely depends on what type of shoe you wearing. If you’re wearing sneakers like Jordan’s, then you should wear socks, but if you’re wearing something like Ugg boots or Vans shoes, you don’t really need socks.

Do girls like guys who sag their pants?

It depends on the girl, but mostly likely not because it sometimes looks very sloppy unless your outfit is on point. If you like sagging and want it to make it look good, rest your pants where they naturally seem to fit.

Is fashion a must everyday?

No, especially if you’re having a rough day– and every college student has a lot of those. There are some people who just come to college and don’t even feel like getting dressed, which is definitely understandable. But don’t let some college students fool you; they might look rough during the school day, but like a totally different person on the weekends.

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Shhh! Grossmont’s Library is a source of secret powers.

Talib_LaraBy: Lara Talib

Summit Staff Reporter

Most Griffins know where the library/tech mall is on campus, but most people don’t know what it really has to offer. Besides the obvious computers and printers, the library has study rooms for those groups who want to get together to work on homework or study for an upcoming test.

Students can also rent out textbooks for free, as well as calculators, laptops and pretty much anything else they need to be successful college students. All you need to have is an ID on file with the library clerk.

For students struggling to locate a specific book or textbook, the library is actually in touch with the library databases at most community colleges and San Diego State University, so it’s relatively easy to get a book you need.

There is also a 24-hour online help engine, just in case students can’t always get to the library. That hotline is open at any time of the day, so students can get help in their own time.

The librarians are also really good at what they do, so they’ll easily be able to help students with practically anything, from finding a book to researching information and providing the necessary tools to be good students. All students have to do is ask.

With midterms right around the corner, now might be a good time to check out the all that the library has to offer.

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