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What your Favorite Starbucks Drink Says About your Personality

My experiences as a Starbucks barista have given me insight on individuals based on orders.
Engin Akyurt

For every food service job, there will be regulars that come through the door daily to get what they call “their usual.” The more experience one receives working around the general public, the more they learn about people and human behavior. From the perspective of a two-year partner at the coffee chain, here is a list of what drinks at Starbucks say about you as a customer.


Caramel Macchiato:

People who enjoy caramel macchiatos, whether it be hot or iced, have a basic order. They’re into the classics, and it’s a drink that’s been a long-time favorite for years. The first sip of coffee is what makes customers always come back for this classic drink. Starbucks markets the beverage in a different fashion as a layered vanilla latte compared to a traditional macchiato. All in all, if you enjoy this drink, you probably don’t visit Starbucks that often. However, the minute you had your first macchiato, you never went back. This is now your go-to beverage. Maybe one day you’ll try something different…maybe.


Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso:

Customers who order this beverage look for something to sip that’ll give them energy to power through their day. It’s one of the strongest coffee beverages on the menu due to it containing blonde shots, which is the strongest bean of espresso that’s served at Starbucks. People enjoy the fact that it includes oat milk since plant-based milk has been a hot commodity in recent years. People who drink this beverage probably spend long hours typing away on their computers or on the move trying to cross off their to-do lists.



This beverage has many varying responses. Many either like this one, or they don’t. By popular opinion, many think it resembles grass which is why they are hesitant to go outside of their taste buds. However, people who are fond of the green drink and have it regularly are the risk takers of life and aren’t afraid of trying new things. By surprise, there is versatility with matcha in comparison to other drinks on the menu. People who enjoy matcha tend to be on the creative side and love customizing their drink by adding various milks, cold foams and syrups to the beverage.



Chai drinkers are a barista’s favorite because of how simple it is to make the drink. Customers who order chai enjoy sugar and spice and everything nice. They prioritize taste and flavor which is perfect because that’s exactly what this drink contains. Its notes of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and more make for the perfect blend of tea. Overall, people who drink chai tend to be nonchalant and easygoing individuals. 


Pink Drink:

Those who go for this drink will be the first to tell you that they don’t like coffee. Many who are fond of this beverage could be due to one or both of these reasons. It’s pink and it’s delicious. Lovers of the pink drink have outgoing and bright personalities. The drink itself is vibrant and the color plays a role in how customers enjoy their beverage. Some want to include an extra strawberry base, coconut milk, strawberry inclusions or all of the above. Those who indulge in the beverage are attentive and particular with what they want…and we respect them.


Starbucks barista and Mesa College student Emily Daquano said her favorite beverage is the pink drink. “It’s because of the sweet strawberry flavor,” Daquano said, adding that she also enjoys the beverage because it contains her favorite non-dairy alternative, coconut milk.


Green Tea:

Customers who like green tea love versatility, yet simplicity all at once. It’s one of the few teas that Starbucks has listed on its menu that has been growing in popularity. There are various ways of having the drink made, with one option being peach juice with or without lemonade. Customers can add or substitute with any of the refresher bases or teas of their choice. Customers who get the iced tea want a beverage that’s delicious with a boost of caffeine.


Starbucks barista and San Diego State University graduate Justine Edem said her favorite beverage on the clock is an iced green tea with a strawberry base. “It’s very refreshing,” Edem said, adding that the beverage would make a very good pairing with the breakfast sandwiches.


Pumpkin Spice:

This fall drink has been around Starbucks for the past 20 years and has many fans. People who drink pumpkin spice are as loyal and dedicated to people in their lives as they are to this latte. They are excited about what the fall season is to bring and can’t wait to get their hands on this drink the first day it launches in stores.


Caramel Ribbon Crunch:

The layered beverage is enjoyed by a wide range of people who have youthful spirits and most importantly, a sweet tooth. Ordering this drink may give a customer a boost of energy–not so much from the coffee itself, but the amount of sugar it has. Customers who enjoy frappuccinos are young at heart and enjoy little-to-no coffee.


Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew:

People who enjoy vanilla sweet cream cold brews are loyal to this beverage and are hardworking. Many who drink the cold brew typically are adults who have places to be, whether that be school, work or having to go drop off their children at school. They need their caffeine fix-in for the day and look for a beverage that is simple, yet has a strong flavor. It’s a basic drink; however, with its high caffeine content, it for sure can get a customer through their day.


White Mocha:

People who enjoy white mocha love their sweets. It’s a popular drink for many customers due to the various ways it can be customized. A popular customization that went viral on Tiktok has been an iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream foam with extra caramel drizzle. It’s safe to say those who enjoy this creamy beverage love their coffee on the sweeter side. They pay attention to detail and know exactly how their coffee should look when they receive it.


At the end of the day, these are all opinions based on experiences of being a barista. If you’re a customer who enjoys any of these drinks, I hope you keep enjoying them.

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