ASGC President Enders talks Oscars

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Natalie Portman will win the 2011 Oscar for  best actress for Black Swan, and Christian Bale will take the best supporting actor award for his work in The Fighter, says Christopher Enders. The current president of the Associated Students of Grossmont College, dancer, and movie fan made these predictions about  Sunday, Feb. 27,  Academy Awards during a recent interiew with  GCSummit contributor Ilia Evans and videographer and MCOM 132 student Earnest Carter.

Enders declined to make other predictions, saying he had not seen all the nominated movies yet, something he said was key to successful Oscar predicting. But he did note the performances of both Portman portraying a ballet dancer and Bale playing a drug-addicted boxer both involved strenuous physical transformations and journeys.  He said that voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have historically looked very favorably at actors who  “take the audience with them through their complicated journey.”