Safety First!

Safety First!

By Ashley Davis and Teresa Gonzales

Ashley Davis

Teresa Gonzales

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Students expect to feel safe when they come to school. Students shouldn’t have to worry about things like robbery, assault, possession of a weapon, and many other things that can happen on campus. Campus security has provided students on the Grossmont Campus with safety organizations on campus.

Students that attend night classes may fear for their safety during the evening hours on campus. The GCCCD Police Officer Mark Rensink stated that if a student fears for their safety on campus while walking to their vehicle, escorts on campus are available to walk or drive students safely to their vehicle. “If you walk to your car at night walk with a friend, be aware of your surroundings” said Rensink.

Students can use the various emergency assistance kiosks provided around the campus. These kiosks are linked directly to the dispatch of the Police Department on campus. State your exact location and an officer will provide assistance.

Photo By: Ashley Davis     A police assistance box as seen in the parking structure

Rensink explained that there are twelve emergency assistance kiosks in the parking structure, four on each corner, on each level. However, the emergency kiosks look different in the parking structure than the ones in the parking lots.

The emergency assistance in the parking lots are yellow poles. Although they look different you can identify these emergency kiosks and poles by looking for a bright blue light at the top and also the name emergency assistance written on each side.

Officer Rensink also explained that when you press the emergency button also known as the “red button” a dispatch will answer and an officer will arrive within a minute or two to your location.

Additionally the police department R.A.P (Rape Aggression Defense) program is used to help students make smart decisions under the pressure if they are assaulted. This is not a martial arts class however, there are four different R.A.D instructors for this program. People who are interested in this course should contact Officer Al Ambito at the District Police Office.

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