The Job That Lasts a Lifetime

Resilient jobs are on the rise, and Grossmont can show you how to start your path to obtaining one.

“What am I going to do?”

This was the question millions were asking when COVID-19 hit, and people began losing jobs and companies wholly shut down. This was a reality check for so many as they realized that the jobs they held for decades that had given them such security were gone in an instant. 

But there was still a portion of the world that, through all the chaos and struggle, seemed to thrive in the pandemic, and these people had one thing in common: they all held a job that we describe as “resilient.”

These groups of people are a part of a workforce that will likely continue to thrive no matter if there is a recession or pandemic. 

According to Grossmont College’s website, resilient jobs are ones that are in high demand, pay a living wage in San Diego County, and have been identified as recession and pandemic proof. 

Grossmont has an award-winning career education program to help students achieve their career goals of obtaining resilient jobs that pay a living wage in as soon as two years, without the need of a four-year university. 

Brian Yi, an engineering student at Grossmont, recently made the switch from kinesiology to engineering. “I chose to go the other route and start majoring in mechanical engineering because I saw how sports completely shut down and sports medicine became a non-factor,” Yi said.  

Two-thirds of well-paying jobs demanding college or a career education at a minimum is even more of a reason for those who are undecided or looking to switch majors to think about scheduling an appointment online with the Grossmont Career Resource Center, where a counselor can help you get started planning out your path to that resilient job. 

With Assembly Bill 19 recently passed, students may be eligible for up to two years of free tuition. There is no question we all saw the effects of the pandemic on others, and we have the opportunity here at Grossmont to get a jump start on making sure your career is long and prosperous.