Meeting the unplugged Ernie Ewin

Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—As we all know ‘corporations’ are eerie, dastardly places – smoke-filled rooms wherein the fate of the world is heavy-handedly decided by executives from Walmart, Disney, Coca Cola, General Electric, etc.

Corporations! The Grossmont College Foundation is technically a corporation.

So when I stepped into the office of the Grossmont College Foundation, with my mini-acoustic guitar – as always – by my side, I should have expected the worst: to be warded-off by the lackey of a cold and callous caretaker of stocks, bonds – or perhaps to see, for myself, the sneering viper, himself: with his curly mustache, top-hat, and bulging bags emblemized by dollar-signs amidst much many gaudy accoutrements within a palace of palpable greed…right?

Upon my entrance, I was immediately welcomed by the squinting smile of Ernest Ewin, executive director of the Foundation. “So this the soul-less viper?” I thought. Seeing my guitar, Ewin cordially queried, “do you like Clapton?”

“Yes,” I replied. He then mentioned his appreciation from for “Layla” during Clapton’s days with Derek and the Dominoes, but insisted that the later ‘unplugged’ (acoustic guitar) rendition was better. “Alright,” I thought, “ Ewin was an entirely likeable guy.

In 2006, Ewin was made interim executive director for the Grossmont College Foundation, after the departure of the previous director, Howard Kummerman. Soon thereafter, Ewin was readily kept-on; and the ‘interim’ is, now, long-removed from his title. Prior to having been named the Foundation’s executive director, Ewin served three years as a board member of the Foundation and as treasurer.

Banking is Ewin’s business, in which he has over three decades of experience. Moreover he was, himself, the student body president, right here at Grossmont, in ‘68. Thereafter, he continued his service to the college via chairmanship of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District’s Prop.R. Bond Measure Citizens’ Oversight Committee (CBOC).

Also on his life-list are the following: La Mesa City Council, serving as that body’s representative to the Metropolitan Transit Board and Metro Waste Water Joint Powers Authority.

Lindquist is a student in Media Comm 132