Review: Disney on Ice

Corey Streeper

Corey Streeper

SAN DIEGO — Over the weekend I got the chance to see the “Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate” show at the Sports Arena.  Now, I know a lot of people think that Disney is just for kids; well I’m here to tell you that this show was an enjoyment for all ages.

All of the performances were well-thought-out and the choreography was flawless – the lifts and spins of the Princesses during their segment were executed with perfect poise (and considering that all the dancing is done on ice, it was amazing to see the brooms from Fantasia play crack the whip!).

The only problem that I had with the entire show was that, during the celebration of Halloween, the performance was lacking flair. Jack Skellington introduced many of the villains that I have come to love of the years for how sinister they are on film, but the show just did not have that feel at all.

Not only was the show spectacular over all, but the costumes were also very well designed and definitely captured the essence of the characters: from Mickey and Minnie to the addition of the Toy Story gang – the show represented characters from every era.

From start to finish, this show has it all. Many of the classic songs – e.g. “Be Our Guest” of Beauty and the Beast, “Un-birthday Song” from Alice in Wonderland – remind us of our childhoods and how we loved those films; and then there are many new songs like “Hawaiian Roller-coaster Ride” from Lilo & Stitch that give something to the child audience of today,

The show has changed from the Sing-A-Long style of my childhood, to the new holiday celebration it is now, still, I thought it was very energetic and will keep you at the edge of your seat, in anticipation. I would definitely recommend seeing this show to anyone who has children or just wants to spend a few hours feeling like a kid themselves.

After all, with the constant reminder that we are growing up, it is nice to have something that will always keep us young.