ASGC elections set for April 11-12 voting

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Eleven students have put themselves forward as candidates for  Associated Students at Grossmont College (ASGC) positions.

For the second straight year, their student peers will use Internet voting to select them. Grossmont students will have a 48-hour window to vote via their electronic accounts on April 11-12.

There are only two contested elections this cycle. Edwin Cruz and Cheryl-Anne Phillips are both running for ASGC president. Emma Carrillo and Sicarra Devers are competing to become  director of publicity.

Samantha Elliot (Executive Secretary of Student Legislation), Ivan Guitierrez (Director of Campus Activities), Dyan Keeling (Vice President), and Arianna Nevins (Comptroller) are all running for their positions unopposed.
In addition, Christopher Foskett and Kevin Garcia are running to be board members of the ASGC. Current ASGC President Christopher Enders is running to retain his position as a Student Trustee with the Grossmont and Cuyamacca Community College Governing Board.

The election campaign officially kicks off on April 4 and 5 with campaigning at the Quad. Candidates will have the opportunity to address students directly at the event, sponsored by the Grossmont Office of Student Affairs and Griffin Radio.

More information on the election as it develops can be found at the ASGC website and at

Dudley is editor-in-chief of the GC Summit