Live music will surpass CD for ‘Entrance and Exits’ dance showcase April 14-16

Alexis Jacquett

Alexis Jacquett

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — When the Dance Department presents “Entrances and Exits” on April 14, 15, and 16, guest musicians will include the Grossmont College Gospel Choir, Afro-Cuban Ensemble, Amir Etemadzadeh, and Kristopher Apple with faculty choreographers Melisa Adao, Nancy Boskin-Mullen, Kathy Meyer, Sylvia Morales, David Mullen, Coleen Shipkowski, and Debi Toith-Ward. This event will be held at the Joan B. Kroc Theatre.

The idea came from last spring’s concert when Berkley Heart, a local folk group, was asked by Boskin-Mullen to perform one of the pieces. Kathy Meyer got the idea that the Dance Department should collaborate with the Music Department to add live music to the concert. There is just a difference between live music and a c.d.; it’s much more moving, Meyer noted.

Joan B. Kroc Theatre at 6611 University Avenue, San Diego 92115, seats about 650 people. There will be 55 dance students and about 62 musicians performing this event. There will be Middle Eastern calligraphy in the background of the stage and a small amount of set design.

This concert has something to offer everyone from all different backgrounds. There is ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, contemporary, salsa, and hip-hop. This is the first time that live music will be played throughout the whole concert. Also there is a matinee concert on Saturday to accommodate the high school students that may want to attend the event.

The dates and times are as follows; are Thursday April 14th at 7:30p, Friday the15th at 7:30p, and Saturday the16th at both 2:00p and 7:30p. There is a pre-sale option for all faculty and staff, $8 until Wednesday April 13th at 12:00 noon. Students may also purchase pre-sale tickets for $10, up until  12:00 noon Wednesday. Regular tickets at the box office are $12. Tickets may be purchased at the ASGC office, the dance office, any dance instructor, the box office, or at the door.

Jacquett is a Media Communications 199 student