National College Radio Day observed on campus

Issac Jeitler

Student dances to the music on College Radio Day

Issac Jeitler
Issac Jeitler

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Across the nation, hundreds of high schools and colleges participated in the first annual College Radio Day on Tuesday, Oct. 11, in order to promote awareness to the communities their radio stations serve. Radio has been broadcasting since the 1920s and continues to provide both news and entertainment to the masses almost a century later.

Providing its own services to the cause, Grossmont’s Griffin Radio was out in force distributing flyers in the upper quad and influencing students with their knowledge about radio broadcasting. A campaign of awareness highlighted the fact that campus radio stations provide listeners a chance to hear local artists who may not get the chance to be heard over corporate radio.

The majority of college and high school radio stations across the country are aired over the internet, which has both advantages and disadvantages from the viewpoint of the station operators. On the positive side, internet radio escapes some of the restrictions placed by band based watchdogs. On the other hand, most of the frequencies across the states have been allocated to stations for quite some time, limiting the radio stations’ possibilities for growth.

Many Grossmont students stopped by the Griffin Radio booth where they learned how they can listen to campus radio through their laptops and smart phones via web applications. Some students responded to the station with positive feedback saying, “Keep up the good work” and commented on the music being played with “You guys always play my requests, thanks!”

Grossmont College Radio can be tuned in by visiting and clicking the “Listen Live” button in the top corner.

Jeitler is a student in Media Comm. 132.  He may be contacted at [email protected]