After dance off, two chosen for school mascot role

Issac Jeitler

Mel Milstead as Gizmo

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Tryouts for Gizmo, the Grossmont Griffin Mascot, were held Thursday, Oct. 27,  outside the Tech Mall. The ASGC-sponsored event featured half  a dozen contestants trying out for the role of Grossmont’s feathery mascot.  Griffin Radio supplied the beat thumping music while members of  the ASGC gave commands for the potential candidates to perform.

Devereaux Watson as Gizmo

An applicant must be  a current student at Grossmont  College.  He or she may stay as Gizmo until  graduation or otherwise leaving the campus.  The job of Gizmo pays $10 an hour for  services provided at sports games and other school-sponsored events.

Each contestant bounced across the quad wearing the mighty Griffin  headpiece, pumping up passing students with their own versions of school  spirit.  Potential mascots also showed off their abilities to persuade onlooking students to participate in dancing festivities.

After the initial trials, contestants were then pitted against each other in head-to-head elimination style competition.  From dance offs, to “getting  low” to gathering students for dance groups and even a soul train of students,  the finalists threw down all their moves to sway the judging crowd.

After a “thriller” display of talent, the duo of Devereaux Watson and Mel Milstead were ultimately named the “Gizmos” of Grossmont College. Students should be on the lookout for their local neighborhood Griffin. the nexttime they step out of their classroom, they might bump into the mythological half-lion, half-eagle.

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